106 Research Paper Topics to Write About

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It doesn’t matter whether you are an elementary school, high school, or college student: when writing a research paper, you need to take every stage seriously. This also concerns choosing a right topic if you are allowed to select it on your own. Your topic should correspond with the subject, reflect your personal interests, and be relevant to modern society.

In case you lack ideas or simply don’t want to choose a bad topic, Assignmentpay.com experts have collected the best options! Just choose the one you like and start working on your research paper at once.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is one of the most difficult and challenging academic assignments. It is based on your personal research on a certain topic and on the interpretation of gathered findings. It can be a term paper, a thesis, or a dissertation.

In this article, we strive to explain all the peculiarities of the assignment, enumerate the main steps of creating a great research paper, and familiarize ourselves with the best research paper topics. To achieve outstanding results, you not only need knowledge but also a positive approach and faith that you can do it!

What are the Research Topics?

Research topics are ideas that a teacher or a student chooses for a research paper. It can be a subject-related issue, a problem of modern society, or a personal interest of the scholar.

In order to succeed in writing a research paper, you should choose unique subjects and good topics that will keep you passionate and motivated along the way.

How do you choose the right topic for your research paper?

Some high school or college students may think that choosing a correct research paper topic is simple. However, we can assure you that it requires much time and consideration. You need to make a list of possible options, research available information and only then decide which variant suites you the most.

You must be interested in the chosen topic

The best way to choose a correct research paper topic is to focus on the subject or problem that lights your fire. It must be an issue that motivates you to conduct thorough research and to cover every aspect with much devotion. You may be tempted to write about a problem which is very popular in the society. However, if it doesn’t touch you, you should better look for other options.

Review the fits on topic selection of your assignment’s guideline

You may be so involved in choosing the right writing topics that you can simply forget all of your professor’s requirements. For example, if you need to complete a research paper on medicine, you won’t be able to write about your favorite book or dish. However, there are still some ways out.

In case you are interested in modern events but your teacher asks you to write about the past days, you can choose a topic that will compare different centuries and events. In such a way, you will follow the professor’s guidelines and will have a chance to choose a matter which you truly like.

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Be accurate & innovative

While a descriptive or narrative essay doesn’t require much attention to details or accuracy, your research paper should consist of strict facts, statistics, and examples. That is why you need to back every argument and idea with relevant details, avoiding watery phrases, as they will surely influence your final score.

You should also remain innovative even if the discussed issue is quite conservative. In such a way, you will add fresh ideas to the subject, which was discussed a hundred times before you.

In addition, you can find unique facts and data that other students have missed. Simply conduct deeper research and use your imagination to go beyond regular facts and information! You’ll see how greatly it will contribute to your final score.

Answer the basic questions of your chosen topic:

There are five basic questions answering which will help you choose the right direction for future work.

  1. Who provides information on the chosen topic? Who can publish data on the work? Who is mainly affected by the chosen issue? Do you know any institutions or organizations which are influenced by your topic?
  2. Why did you decide to study this issue? What is unique about it? Do you have a personal opinion on the involved matter?
  3. What are key questions for the problem? Is it debatable? Are there various points of view to be considered?
  4. When is (was) the topic relevant? Is it taking place in a modern society or some time ago? Are you planning to compare it within different periods of time?
  5. Where is the problem important? On a local/national/international level? Are there any other locations which are affected by the chosen matter?

These questions will help you to brainstorm good topics and to make a right choice!

With their assistance, you will be able to limit your options to a few topics and to concentrate on those, which reflect the mood of society and your own preferences. Remember that a thoroughly selected topic makes up half of your overall success.

List Of 106 Interesting Research Paper Topics

Below, you will find only the most powerful and interesting top 10 topics for research papers not depending on your major, location, and academic level. We have made a list of ten topics for every subject and a bonus section with six exclusive topics any professor will appreciate!

Science Research Paper Topics

Even if you are in high school, science topics for research papers are the most demanding ones, as they require a thoughtful analysis of sources and choosing a proper field of expertise.

  1. What has humanity learned from meteorites?
  2. Does life on Mars exist?
  3. Why is Pluto no longer considered a planet?
  4. What was the cause of an Asteroid Belt?
  5. What are animal hibernation reasons?
  6. How are insects used in building robots?
  7. What causes such a beautiful coloring of feathers in birds?
  8. Can science museums teach science?
  9. How do we produce plastics that are friendly to the environment?
  10. What are the latest chemistry achievements?

Research Paper Topics for Middle School

There are hundreds of thousands of topics, which a middle or elementary school student can choose for research. You can easily get lost among them, so here are the most interesting and catchy ones.

  1. The book which makes people better
  2. How students can contribute to the local community
  3. Dynasty of Princess Diana
  4. The political course of President Obama
  5. Where did your ancestors come from?
  6. Meaning of the Trail of Tears to the modern US
  7. The most efficient way to achieve your academic goals
  8. 10 simple steps to protect the environment
  9. The most prominent general of all the times
  10. The song which always makes people smile

Business Topics

If you want to be an entrepreneur in the future or simply to have an interest in business, your business research paper won’t do without good topics!

  1. Expectations and reality of the Manhattan Project
  2. Similarities and differences between the Great Depression and the Recession
  3. Influence of McDonald’s on the economy of various countries
  4. How celebrities are used in marketing campaigns
  5. Effectiveness of different management techniques
  6. Hardships of a small enterprise
  7. Is franchising an easy way to start a business?
  8. Influence of global warming on different types of businesses
  9. Benefits of outsourcing
  10. Outdated traditions, which big companies still use


If you are assigned with a research paper on medicine, you may find it very difficult to choose a topic. To avoid possible complications, just pick one from the list below.

  1. Do some doctors turn patients into addicts?
  2. Should life-sustaining therapy be applied when it is not necessary?
  3. How do we ban testing on animals?
  4. Pros and cons of using marijuana for medical purposes
  5. Benefits of cow milk
  6. Can a vegetarian diet be useful for children?
  7. Influence of obesity on health
  8. Damage of vaccines
  9. Should drugs be directly advertised?
  10. What do we know about cancer treatment?

Topics on Sport

Students who love sport have plenty of issues to discuss. However, if you want your paper to look solid, you should choose your topic wisely.

  1. Sports and brain injuries
  2. Age in contact sports. Should children be allowed to participate in contact sports?
  3. Should popular athletes choose tattoos wisely in order to transmit a proper message to fans?
  4. Influence of enhancing drugs on popular kinds of sports
  5. What methods can be used to lower the long-term usage of steroids among young sportsmen?
  6. What qualities make up a good commentator?
  7. Soccer in the US
  8. Which kinds of sports can be called spectator ones?
  9. Is it fair to give so many sports scholarships?
  10. Did advertising change sports?

Topics on Technologies

It is difficult to find a more popular subject to discuss than modern technologies. If you are free to choose a matter, technology is always a great option!

  1. How GPS works
  2. What is the simplest way to connect to the global network
  3. Importance of defending personal networks
  4. Why plagiarism detectors and checkers are so effective
  5. Storage of confidential data online
  6. When brain chips will be implemented?
  7. Why Mac computers are safer than Windows ones?
  8. Why you should choose Google applications
  9. How can universal intelligence be measured?
  10. Benefits of a Symbian OS

Research Paper Topics on Environment

Environmental issues are occupying the minds of almost every person on Earth, so if you decide to pick one of the following topics, your research paper will surely be a success.

  1. The best ways to reduce pollution
  2. The most evident climate changes for the past 30 years
  3. Why do some people still believe that global warming doesn’t exist?
  4. Is wildlife affected by global warming?
  5. Pollution of oceans: the beginning of the end?
  6. Alternative energy sources as a way to save nature
  7. How can we save endangered species?
  8. What can we do to improve the world?
  9. Recycling in our everyday life
  10. How can we deliver drinking water to every corner of the planet?


We are living in a fast-developing world and often forget to stop and take care about our own health. Here are the problems you can discuss with the audience.

  1. Impact of tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol on a body
  2. Vaccination: pros and cons
  3. Discussion of birth control across countries
  4. How to prevent Alzheimer’s
  5. Can euthanasia be considered an assisted suicide?
  6. Additional research on AIDS
  7. Most effective tools in cancer prevention
  8. Why mental health is important
  9. Obesity and anorexia: two dangerous states
  10. Positive impact of fats on our mind and body
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Religion has always been a controversial issue, so only brave students choose it as a topic for a research paper. If you are one of them, make sure you choose a proper issue to discuss. Here are the top 10 on this subject:

  1. Creation of humanity in different religions
  2. Formation of new religions
  3. Is agnosticism a bridge between religions and atheism?
  4. Is there always a political background in religions?
  5. Oppression of women in different religions
  6. Abuse in church
  7. New age religions you know
  8. Why religion justify humanity crimes?
  9. Are religions at their dusk?
  10. Do religious patterns influence our health and mind?

Politics Topics

Once in a while, we all love to discuss elections, political parties, and famous figures. If you want to contribute to the field, choose a solid topic on politics and make research.

  1. Influence of Angela Merkel on Europe
  2. Will Donald Trump’s impeachment ever take place?
  3. Brexit consequences
  4. Can Russia be called a sponsor of global terrorism?
  5. African conflicts
  6. Will South and North Korea ever unite?
  7. Should world leaders stand against Vladimir Putin?
  8. Dictatorship in the 21st century
  9. Threats of refugees to the country that hosts them
  10. Can racism be defeated?

Bonus: TOP 6 Excellent Research Paper topics you may write about:

There are writing topics that can’t fall into a certain category but should definitely be used in order to grab attention of the reader. Here are six of them!

  1. Does the Greek Letter Society really exist?
  2. Should prayers be compulsory at schools?
  3. Should everyone be allowed to carry weapons?
  4. Police brutality across states
  5. How society is involved in sexual harassment through TV shows
  6. Influence of Three Strikes Law on the society


Choosing a good research paper topic is not an easy task, as it requires your time, skills, and imagination. However, following all the mentioned tips and choosing one of the presented ideas will simplify the process and will help you to get started without any efforts. If you don’t want to complete the task on your own, Assignmentpay.com is always ready to help!

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