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What is an Informative Speech?

This speech provides information concerning any specific topic. It aims to share this valuable information with your audience and address all possible questions. In this type of speech, you may also present your opinion and suggestions.

For this type of speech, you can freely share your thoughts with your audience in a polite and enthusiastic manner.

Briefly About How to Make a Good Informative Speech

The shortest way to make your informative speech good is to take care of its content and clarity.

An informative speech can be helpful only if it contains reliable and correct information. Make sure you are going to present only information that can benefit the lives of your listeners: help to resolve some problems, clarify uncertainties, provide any suggestions, etc. Feel free to include any interesting information, a hook, statistics, and even jokes if and when it is appropriate.

To be on the safe side, you should double-check any information you rely on during the preparation of your speech. Only this way you can gain the trust of your audience and keep your listeners interested.

Taking into account that your target audience will be comprised of people with different life views, it is always necessary to keep clarity and neutrality when presenting your speech. Apart from explicit statements, clarity is also related to the absence of any excessive information and ambiguities.

As you are going to present your topic to other people, make sure you understand their anticipations, preferences, and informational requests. This information is essential for preparing your speech effectively and establishing your contact with the listeners.

What is the Best Topic for a Speech?

Your informative speech topic should be related to some specific areas of interest. This detail matters. If you are interested in some area, your chances of doing any related work easily are much higher. Moreover, you will have better chances to interest your future readers.

Your attention should be forwarded to a topic that moves you in some way. To make your informative speech captivating, it is better to share positive and living emotions with your listeners.

Avoid picking any topic to convince your audience of something. This can create additional tension during your speech. Moreover, excessive arguments may also break your connection with your audience.


First of all, you should make a list of subject areas in which you are interested in or aware of.

A general understanding of any field can bring confidence during your speech and show your expertise in this regard. Such knowledge can extremely facilitate making your speech and addressing all possible questions.

For instance, if you are experienced in painting, you can easily choose only relevant information for your audience, bounce any objections, present examples effectively, and answer any question about your craft.

Alternatively, you may focus on some new areas that you love or are interested in. Such emotions will be very useful in the course of your research, preparation, and presentation. On the one side, you will likely prepare your research better. On the other hand, your speech will be much more concise and, therefore, interesting for your readers.

For instance, you may want to become a musician. So, you can tell your readers some interesting but unfamiliar information for them (for instance, about the effect of syncopation on music) or about any distinctive features of this craft.

Think About Your Audience

In the end, you make this speech for your audience. Of course, it is hard to identify for sure all the preferences, anticipations, and requests of these people. However, based on the analysis of their age, tastes, gender, and mindset, you will be able to form at least an approximate view of your target audience. You will be able to correct such in the course of your speaking. So, having this approximate understanding can be of great help.

Avoid clarifying all matters in detail unless you have to do this according to your assignment. There is no need to overload your audience with details. But knowing more can always add confidence to any of your activities.

How Do You Choose Topics?

Afterward, choose the best topic for you at the moment, taking into account your expertise and preferences. Also, define the purpose of your speech. The last thing is important not only for you but also for your audience.

Make sure you choose some interesting topics. General topics can bore your readers. So, try to prefer any topic that has practical importance.


After picking your topic, search for any relevant and interesting information. Try to learn as much as possible about the area of your interest. This will help you to address potential questions from your audience.

While collecting your resources, divide them into separate groups according to their relevance, and think about how this research could make your speech more effective.


Form the Main Ideas of Your Speech

Making your list of the main points you want to include can help you greatly. You will be able to range all your ideas logically and structure your future text afterward.

These points can help to make your speech clear and informative. And your preparation and writing will be much easier.

Statements you write should be clear and concise. Each statement should be expanded in a separate paragraph of your speech.

Write the Separate Parts of Your Speech

Generally, any informative speech should include the following:

  • introduction
  • main body
  • conclusion

Your introduction should be clear, interesting, and draw your reader’s attention. So, you can include in this part of your speech any interesting information (a hook, statistics, quotes, etc.). If your speech is long, then it is better to list briefly all the points you are going to speak about during your speech. You should also establish your connection with your target audience during this speech. At this point, you may add some jokes or humor if appropriate. In any case, the introduction should not be too general. Otherwise, your speech can become boring. Your target is to make it interesting.

The main body of your speech should cover all the main ideas developed previously. Make sure you describe each one accurately and plainly. Your listeners should grasp the essence of your speech easily. To facilitate this task, your text should flow. This is always the best option for your reader as it helps to perceive the essence of your speech.

In your conclusion, summarize all the important points and indicate in the end your opinion about the subject matter of your topic. Many readers memorize the first and the last points they hear most of all. You may also include to your conclusion any catchy statements, quotes, or humor, if appropriate.

Making Your Speech

Practice Before Your Speaking

The most important thing at this point is how you begin a speech. Your confidence is not only the result of competence and preparation but also the emotional state you should enter into and keep during the entire speaking.

Of course, this skill comes with practice. If you don’t have any companion to practice, you may simply imagine this situation in your mind: how you will feel yourself, think, and act. The important thing at this point is to focus on yourself only.

Avoid anticipations concerning the possible reactions of your listeners. This will prevent you from broken expectations and disappointment. Those mental efforts you pay to such anticipations you may redirect to far more productive things.

Reflections about how your informative speech actually sounds can help to make it better. You may simply pronounce this speech aloud. As reading aloud, but the source of information, in this case, will be not a paper, but your head and memory. Yes, making speeches is very sensitive to many people. Many of them want to reach the hearts and minds of their listeners. Hope you are among these people. For this purpose, there are so many details.

While reading your speech aloud or pronouncing it, you may notice important things and improve them to make your speech better. Alternatively, you may use a video recorder.

Keep in mind that restrictions and limits you have in your mind prevent you from making good speeches. This may be anticipations, your fear of blame or mistake, and other counterproductive things. Giving them any notice will not work. They will continue to exist in your mind. Of course, you may continue to serve them, but you can also address them appropriately. If you need some gentle push at this point, here it is – during your speaking, it will be too late for making anything better. If you strive to get pleasure from your public speaking, your courage can eliminate any restrictions and make your practice more successful.

Also, it is important to slow down during your speech to articulate all words clearly. If you speak too fast, your audience can misunderstand you or miss some important things.

Of course, if you have somebody who can listen to your speech and give some neutral feedback (!this is important), it is better to take this chance. Such a practice can bring you additional confidence and strength to make a better speech.

Tips for Making Your Speech

For your convenience, here is a short list of tips for making your informative speech:

  • remember that your speech is not persuasive but only informative
  • make your outline properly to organize your speech
  • be aware of your time and its flowing
  • speak comprehensively and clearly
  • don’t speak too fast
  • practice with somebody who can encourage you and provide his/her feedback;
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Great Topics for an Informative Speech

Having only a theoretical background is obviously not enough to make a good speech at once. You need to gain as much practice as possible. To do this, you can find below a list of more than 550 speech topics for you.


Everyone has something interesting to share. This may be your experience, considerations, and thoughts. Approximate examples of topics you may find here:

  1. My favorite place
  2. The most courageous aspiration I ever had
  3. The best journey I ever had
  4. My favorite music
  5. The best concert for me is…
  6. Useful websites I like to surf
  7. My favorite food
  8. The most beautiful garden for me
  9. One book I suggest read is…
  10. My favorite TV show
  11. Active holiday vs. computer games
  12. The best pets for me are…
  13. Single life vs. relationships: pros and cons
  14. Ways for changing your fate
  15. Tips for handling good conversations
  16. About the importance of being yourself
  17. Five main goals I have in my life
  18. The greatest impression in my life
  19. The experience I would like to repeat
  20. Things I want to prevent in the future
  21. My best achievement
  22. Three most important things for me
  23. My best choice was to…
  24. I am proud of …
  25. Things I would like to change in my life
  26. The hardest life lesson I ever had
  27. Things that make me happy
  28. Five words to describe me briefly


Relying on yourself only can become the most useful skill in your life. Consider one of these topics to notice your reflections and share them with your listeners if you would like:

  1. Tips for presenting oneself confidently
  2. Tips for making a good first impression
  3. How your present activities can determine your future
  4. Advice for becoming a better speaker
  5. Ways for determining and reaching your goals
  6. About the meaning of our existence and ways to see it
  7. Tips for building your arguments
  8. Self-respect: how to gain and enhance it
  9. How do you enjoy your single life?
  10. Tips for tackling your procrastination
  11. Becoming a better leader
  12. Essentials of your positive attitude
  13. How to become passionate about doing something?
  14. Tips for overcoming your bad habits
  15. How to remain resilient?
  16. What is consciousness about?
  17. Tips for transforming your negative emotions into positive
  18. Ways for turning your negative experience into a positive
  19. Approaches for dealing with any stress

Human Nature

We know a lot about our physiology, but not everything. Feel free to choose some topic and share with your listeners any unfamiliar information for them:

  1. Hormones in our body
  2. Importance of vitamins and minerals
  3. DNA and its structure
  4. Memory and its specifics
  5. Influence of meditative practices on our brain activity
  6. Effective ways to deal with your weight
  7. Ways to tackle insomnia
  8. Empathy and sympathy
  9. Organ transplantation and its psychological aspects
  10. Alzheimer's disease and its causes
  11. Benefits of stretching
  12. About the influence of antibiotics and steroids on a body
  13. Amazing facts about our brain
  14. Briefly about how our brain operate
  15. About the influence of music on our brain activity
  16. Reasons why do we use such a small percentage of our brain capacity
  17. Benefits of Yoga


Our family is the first place where we gain social skills and experience. You can find below some approximate topics about this special place for everyone:

  1. Single parenting and its influence on a child
  2. About the necessity to allow adopted children to see biological parents
  3. Parent negligence and how to punish for it
  4. About the impact of divorces on children
  5. Ways for building the child-parent relations effectively
  6. Does tolerance equal love?
  7. Domestic violence and ways to reduce it
  8. The most common causes of divorce
  9. Tips for making a strong family
  10. Keys for successful and long-lasting relations
  11. About the right time to break up
  12. Ways for handling conflicts in the family
  13. About the consequence of making your child overscheduled
  14. Tips for making friends from siblings
  15. Ways to prevent the emotional and physical abuse of children
  16. Allow children to make things on their own
  17. Tips for making children more creative

Fitness and Health

We have only one body and should take care of it. Pick one topic from this list below to share with your listeners some interesting information about how to shape a body:

  1. A healthy food diet should consist of…
  2. Forming your daily routine
  3. Ways to decrease the negative impact of nicotine on a body
  4. Nutritious food
  5. Losing weight without being exhausted
  6. The habit of smoking: ways to tackle
  7. Causes of obesity
  8. About being a vegetarian wisely
  9. Tips for organizing your perfect workout
  10. About making our lifestyle choices
  11. Ten tips on how to care for yourself
  12. About the relation between our health and happiness
  13. New technologies and approaches to the modern healthcare system
  14. Ways to cope with various eating disorders
  15. Healthy habits you should develop
  16. Remedies for cough and cold: natural receipts
  17. Gratitude practice for your better health
  18. Issues of dehydration
  19. Symptoms, risks of depression, and ways to prevent it
  20. First aid everyone should know how to provide
  21. The history and evolution of antibiotics
  22. Approaches for handling your anger and other destructive emotions
  23. About the importance of care for your good sleep
  24. Ways for preventing the loss of your memory
  25. About the main advantages of taking tea
  26. The most valuable fruits
  27. Tips for organizing your fitness activities


Doing sports can bring a lot of positive emotions. The list indicated below is dedicated specifically to this engaging activity:

  1. About the importance of playing sports
  2. Rugby as one of the most dangerous sports
  3. Hockey vs. netball
  4. Female sports
  5. Canadian and American football: common and different
  6. Influence of sports on positive self-esteem
  7. How to boost team sports with the help of different team-building practices
  8. Is it necessary to ban smoking during various sports events?
  9. Sponsorship for sports
  10. Sports for children
  11. How do I see the future of my favorite sport?
  12. Olympic Games in the modern world
  13. All you need to know about playing golf
  14. The most famous athletes
  15. Chicago Bulls and its history
  16. Why sports are so popular
  17. What is required to become a powerful athlete
  18. The FIFA stars of the last year


Motivation matters for any type of activity. It helps to start, proceed, and complete it easily. Choose one topic from the list below to inspire your listeners and share some interesting information.

  1. Remaining optimistic regardless of any circumstances
  2. Short ways to believe in yourself
  3. Strategies for breaking any bad habit
  4. Ways for turning your dreams into reality
  5. Your self-motivation will start to work when…
  6. Advice about handling any responsibility
  7. Ways to Boost Your Discipline
  8. Suggestions for your day-to-day organization
  9. Tips for making effective plans
  10. Ways of making an influence on your fate
  11. Must-have goals for everyone
  12. Ways for resolving any conflicts effectively
  13. About the importance of a positive mindset for your life and activities
  14. Ways for Reaffirming Yourself Effectively
  15. The worst motivation is…
  16. Tips for keeping yourself motivated during the long-term projects
  17. Advice on how to regain your motivation

Law and Justice

Informative speeches concerning different law and justice matters require sufficient preparation and knowledge. These are complex matters you should approach attentively. Here are some of them:

  1. Constitutional Law basics
  2. Governmental and other legal regulations
  3. Business Law specifics for international companies and corporations
  4. Anti-trust provisions and policies
  5. Ways for enhancing the regulation of civil relations between citizens
  6. Approaches for preventing crimes
  7. Effective methods for dealing with juvenile delinquents
  8. Strategies for ensuring absolute justice
  9. Ways for enhancing the existing judicial system
  10. Strategies for drafting legal documents
  11. Environmental Law basics
  12. Copyright and ways to protect it
  13. Trademark registration tips
  14. How patents can help you
  15. Main rights of citizens
  16. Principal obligations of citizens
  17. Registration of your business
  18. Construction norms everyone should be aware of
  19. Consumer rights protection
  20. Tips for choosing your attorney
  21. Approaches for bringing your claim before a court
  22. Tips for communicating with a police officer
  23. Shareholder’s rights and obligations
  24. Types of legal entities
  25. Basics of founding non-governmental organizations
  26. Legal regulations for using natural resources
  27. Ways for protecting your rights before a carrier
  28. Basic labor rights that we have


History can be quite controversial sometimes. However, it is always interesting to speak about some historical events and personalities. Choose one topic from the list below:

  1. The origin and formation of alphabets
  2. Theories about the distinction of dinosaurs
  3. Antique times I remember for…
  4. Causes of the First World War
  5. About theoretical possibilities to prevent the Second World War
  6. Rwanda genocide and its consequences
  7. About one person that brought important changes in the past
  8. Mahatma Gandhi and his role
  9. Jawaharlal Nehru and his role in the history of India
  10. Main achievements of Aristotle
  11. Briefly about the 90s
  12. Video games evolution
  13. Causes of the US great depression
  14. Past events that made an impact on our present lives
  15. The significance and historical evolution of words
  16. The presidency and death of John Kennedy
  17. The construction and importance of the Great Wall of China
  18. Mother Theresa and her historical role
  19. The history of colonialism in America
  20. The most influential historical leaders
  21. The Industrial Revolution in its historical context
  22. The evolution of the monarchy of the United Kingdom
  23. The Cold War and its historical context
  24. Briefly about the Dark Ages
  25. The Afghanistan War and Its Significance
  26. The evolution of civilization in India
  27. The origin and evolution of labor organizations


Society is always dynamic. And there are a lot of things to speak about. Pick one topic from the list below to tell your readers about any interesting and actual social things:

  1. Compulsory things to prohibit in any society
  2. Birth control
  3. Issues of teen pregnancies
  4. Ways for overcoming conflicts
  5. Tools for effective public speaking
  6. Riots and their reasons
  7. Reality TV shows and their influence
  8. The most dangerous job in our modern society
  9. About the prohibition of books or music
  10. Tobacco use limitations
  11. Tips for effective social networking
  12. The best government model for developing countries
  13. Ways for helping people in need
  14. The main value of the modern young generation
  15. Charity and ways for its promotion
  16. Does money indeed rule this world?
  17. Hunting: restrict or ban
  18. Attitude concerning same-sex marriage
  19. Ways to tackle corruption
  20. City planning practices worthy implementation
  21. Ways for making this world better for our descendants
  22. Refugees and ways to help them
  23. Ways for developing more positive relationships in our life
  24. About how one person’s behavior can affect the entire society
  25. Discrimination and its consequences
  26. Place of racism in the modern world
  27. Ways to create a bright future for our nation
  28. Democracy and its growth
  29. Goals of the Social Studies
  30. Music and society
  31. Considering the limitations of immigration

Gender Studies

  1. Differences in female and male communication
  2. Effective ways of gender communication
  3. Women in the army
  4. Developments of the Women's Equality Movement
  5. About the effects of feminism on men
  6. Feminism and its biblical meaning
  7. About the variation of leadership styles depending on gender issues
  8. Challenges women and men face during their work
  9. Female Presidents
  10. Mothers or fathers: who are better parents
  11. Education of children depending on their gender
  12. A boy-child and his needs: considered and neglected
  13. A girl-child and her needs: considered and neglected
  14. Representation of women in various political organizations
  15. Reasons why children and women are affected by crimes and terror
  16. The US liberation of women


Global and international policy requires responsible and well-grounded approaches. Find below topics that can help you to expand one or another important point of international policy:

  1. Foreign policy is about…
  2. International organizations and their role in the modern world
  3. The purpose of the United Nations Originations
  4. Non-governmental organizations and their intercultural activities
  5. Foreign policy basics
  6. Outstanding diplomats
  7. The English language joined our world
  8. Ways in which social conflicts affect both poor and rich people
  9. Ways to tackle international terrorism
  10. Problematic issues of democracy and international terrorism
  11. Global policy on governance and politics
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While making your education plans, there are many things to consider. This list below contains topics worthy of expansion:

  1. Alphabet and its origin
  2. Tips for passing the GRE successfully
  3. Approaches for choosing the best internship
  4. Great vacation options for students
  5. Checklist for your graduation
  6. Tips for organizing your senior year
  7. Student discounts and freebees
  8. Traveling and education
  9. Reasons why our education system is not practically-centered
  10. Formal education vs. successful career
  11. Tips for overcoming learning disabilities
  12. Effective approaches for the test preparation
  13. Child bullying: ways to cope and prevent it
  14. Ways for dealing with a bullied child
  15. European vs. American education: differences and similarities
  16. Unemployment and education
  17. About the importance of personal development for education
  18. Advanced technologies for your better education
  19. Recent challenges for the modern education system and ways to tackle such
  20. Poverty and education: how to respond all related challenges
  21. Backgrounds and specifics of the modern inclusive education
  22. Enhancing the performance of students through their project-oriented learning
  23. Humorous education: ways to develop and implement
  24. Diversity issues in terms of education: what aspects should be taken into consideration
  25. Online learning: ways for implementation and promotion
  26. Creative and traditional methods of assessment and testing
  27. Another option of having separate schools for girls and boys
  28. Issues of alternative education in the modern world
  29. Fun and young teachers are those who can teach children faster
  30. Discipline in the course of education
  31. Innovations of the modern education system
  32. Bullies and public apologizes
  33. Hiring teachers and their checking
  34. Cultural events for the school curriculum
  35. Internet or books: what makes students smarted at the moment
  36. About the necessity to make the second language compulsory

Informative Speech Topics for College

Many people like their college years and are ready to share their experiences. If you have such, you can easily talk about it and help those people who may require this knowledge.

  1. 10 tips on how to choose your college
  2. The best college times for you
  3. The worst college times for you
  4. Ways to travel around the world for cheap
  5. Tips for the first year of studies
  6. Campus jobs for students
  7. Money-saving strategies for college
  8. Effective communication strategies for college
  9. Email etiquette for college students
  10. Tips for getting high grades in college
  11. Online jobs specifically for students
  12. Tips for making good relations with your roommate
  13. Choosing a major in your college
  14. Student online jobs
  15. Co-curricular activities in college
  16. Tips for making your plans after college times

Media and Entertainment

Every one of us likes his/her type of entertainment. Here are topics for informative speech with the help of which you may share some useful information about various entertainment activities:

  1. Reality shows and their impact
  2. Limits for using special effects
  3. Pranks in the modern entertainment territory
  4. When paparazzi activity is too much
  5. The best actor of the last year
  6. Movie production and modern technologies
  7. The best movie of the last year
  8. The most influential actress
  9. Tips for creating TV series or a film
  10. About watching TV less
  11. Books vs. films
  12. Newspapers and their advantages
  13. The most famous female figures in media
  14. The most interesting TV series
  15. The best comedies
  16. About the necessity to censor controversy and violence
  17. Media policies and regulations in different countries
  18. Using hidden messages for entertainment
  19. Relations between communications and psychology
  20. Video blogs as the modern version of diaries
  21. About the importance of exclusive materials for media
  22. Virtual reality and its perspectives on media
  23. Ways for music promotion
  24. The evolution of music during the last century
  25. Problems that young musicians face at the start of their professional path
  26. Good music and its impact on improving your learning
  27. The best holiday is…
  28. The worst holiday is…
  29. Ways for reinventing media


Enjoying nature is always amazing. However, beautiful places exist near some problematic issues. You may discuss any of these aspects simply by picking any topic from the list below:

  1. Herbs as the first medicine
  2. Theories of the Earth's origin
  3. Positive outcomes of the modern climate change
  4. About protecting our planet
  5. Types of coasts and cliffs
  6. Modern vulcanology
  7. Patterns and tendencies in the recent climate change
  8. Decreasing our impact on nature
  9. Role of alternative sources of energy and ways to promote their usage
  10. Ways to decrease the trees cut down without permissions
  11. Causes of landslides and ways to prevent them
  12. Floods: causes and ways to prevent
  13. Hurricanes: the most terrible cases
  14. Usage of organic fertilizers in farming
  15. Tigers are in danger
  16. Strategies for saving tropical rain forests
  17. Ways on how to forecast the earthquakes for sure
  18. Polar bears are in danger
  19. Keep the landscapes secure


  1. Tips for keeping pets properly
  2. Effective dog training
  3. Dolphins and their intelligence
  4. Using rates and mice for testing products
  5. About making from dogs outdoor pets
  6. Ethical aspects of keeping pets in cages
  7. Using microchips for pets
  8. Pets as the birthday presents for kids
  9. Dogs or cats: for whom could be appropriate
  10. About the existence of zoos in the modern world
  11. Using horses for transportation
  12. Pets can make children more responsible
  13. Circus animals
  14. Ethical aspects of animal euthanasia
  15. Keeping marine animals
  16. The most dangerous animals
  17. Unusual animals you have never heard of before


Searching for jobs can be quite a challenging activity. So, sharing your experience can be quite useful for those people who are exactly looking for a job. If you have something to tell, just pick some topic:

  1. My dream job
  2. Job hunting tips
  3. Useful advice for interview preparation
  4. Skills to succeed during your career
  5. Preparation for the first interview: useful tips and pieces of advice
  6. Discuss your salary
  7. Tips for making good relations with colleagues
  8. Ways for saying goodbye to your employer
  9. Tips for enhancing communication skills
  10. Avoiding college dropout
  11. Incentives for motivation and inspiration
  12. Tips for searching for the best job in your field
  13. Using writing services during your college years
  14. Tips for managing your student budget
  15. How to prepare yourself better for the end examinations
  16. Teamwork and its importance
  17. Suggestions about how to organize a working day properly
  18. Never stay in a company where your growth is limited
  19. Paying for performance: pros and cons of this approach
  20. Tips for raising money during the studies
  21. 10 tips to boost your career
  22. Ways for handling problematic matters related to your job


Science is extremely interesting and difficult. If you know how to clarify something for your audience, look through this list of topics for an informative speech:

  1. New science technologies worth to speak about
  2. Artificial intelligence and its future
  3. Space exploration and modern science
  4. Robotics in the modern world
  5. World Wide Web benefits
  6. Computer viruses: definitions and ways to tackle them
  7. Contributions of Albert Einstein to the modern science
  8. Impact of social media on our lives
  9. GMO products and their future in agriculture
  10. Irritation Techniques for the Middle East
  11. The most amazing things ever invented
  12. Non-expected inventions of all times
  13. Astronomy and its recent findings
  14. Charles Darwin and his contribution to the modern science
  15. Prominent chemists of the 20th century
  16. Using and promotion of nuclear power
  17. Science testing: methodology and goals
  18. Inventions worth speaking about


Apart from being unfamiliar, these topics may be very complex and difficult to understand. Clarify confidently some unfamiliar or complex matters by choosing any topic from the list below:

  1. The best muscle car
  2. Pros and cons of electro cars
  3. About correlations between the way of thinking people have and the development of technologies
  4. The influence of TV on the consciousness of children
  5. Problematic issues of nuclear energy
  6. Technologies for making genetically modified seeds
  7. Application of technologies for becoming more creative
  8. The origin and evolution of batteries
  9. Technologies for the road construction
  10. About the cost-efficiency and other benefits of wind power
  11. Technologies that children should avoid
  12. The modern software technologies
  13. Ways to apply artificial intelligence in our day-to-day life
  14. Computer programming: its origin and evolution
  15. Modern technologies for electricity production
  16. The biggest advantage of 3D printers
  17. Smartphones: their benefits and drawbacks
  18. The modern cyberspace: its distinctive features and tendencies
  19. The future of robotics
  20. Using satellites for communications
  21. Technologies for making a PC
  22. Peculiarities of the Google operation
  23. The most advanced and new technologies
  24. The future of technologies is after…
  25. Technology that has changed your life
  26. The most powerful modern technology
  27. Technological boom: easy ways to reach it
  28. 5 technologies that should be prohibited
  29. About technologies that should be developed, but not remain as words
  30. Implementation of technologies: problematic matters
  31. The most famous technology is…


Economic matters worry many people. While speaking about these issues, you can benefit your listeners and draw attention to some problematic matters. Here are some good informative speech topics for your presentation:

  1. Essentials for the financial aid provision
  2. Problems of the modern welfare system
  3. Ways to support emerging industries
  4. Considerations about the future of cryptocurrencies
  5. Relation between the growth of the economy and education
  6. The history of taxes
  7. Progressive taxation and social services
  8. Offer and demand correlation in the modern world
  9. Ways for improving the use of natural resources in terms of sustainable economic growth
  10. About identifying the stock market trends
  11. Internet banking security in the modern world
  12. Wealth distribution in the modern world
  13. Factors on which depends the sustainable economic development of a country
  14. Ways to keep sustainable economic growth
  15. Effective approaches to prevent any crisis
  16. Ways to predict any economic crisis
  17. Basic economic education for everyone
  18. General characteristics of securities: types and benefits
  19. The main areas of the economy that bring the highest results
  20. Economic measures to encourage investment
  21. Balancing the country’s economy


A lot of people want to start or handle their business. If you tell your listeners about anything indicated below, this can be of great help to them:

  1. Ways for turning your passion into a business
  2. Tips for launching any business
  3. Ways for money saving when you start your business
  4. The best employment strategies at the start of any business
  5. Tips for choosing your niche
  6. Ways for organizing your relations with business partners properly
  7. 10 tips on how to look for your clients
  8. The impact of your location on the overall business
  9. Modern successful businesses and approximate models for it
  10. Personal characteristics of business owners and their impact on business
  11. Ways to develop new business processes
  12. Effective approaches to enhance the job performance of your employees
  13. Ways to engage and motivate employees
  14. Tips for gaining personal power in your organization
  15. Proper accounting
  16. When and how to conduct audits
  17. Basic sales strategies to apply
  18. Tips for handling your first negotiation with a new partner
  19. 5 best investing strategies
  20. Tips for handling problems with money effectively
  21. Correlation between the US dollar and the Euro
  22. Programs for debt relief
  23. Ways to tackle poverty
  24. Psychological tactics in marketing and advertising: limits of appropriate
  25. Tips for communication with contractors
  26. Ways for dealing with your tough customers
  27. Tips for improving your business processes
  28. The perfect business model for retailers
  29. Tips for making your network of contacts
  30. Channels to look for useful business contacts
  31. Ways for bearing social responsibility by companies
  32. Tips for developing your good business organization
  33. Ways to launch and grow business in developing countries
  34. Tips for drafting your perfect business plan
  35. Simple Start-Ups Requiring Few Resources
  36. Your way to becoming a good CEO
  37. The wealthiest company in the world
  38. A few words about a company you admire most of all
  39. Trusting instincts when making business decisions
  40. The effects of globalization on business worldwide
  41. Poor leadership can bankrupt any business
  42. Ways to handle negative reviews
  43. About the necessity for companies to have their set of common rules
  44. Afraid or not of your competitors
  45. Customer surveys for improving your business
  46. Business presence in social networks


In our modern world, it is especially important to communicate effectively with your customers form and promote your brand. This section includes topics to consider about these issues:

  1. Marketing is about…
  2. Basic marketing tips for your company
  3. Personal communication vs. marketing
  4. Things you should consider when launching your marketing campaign
  5. Positive and negative effects of your marketing campaign
  6. Tips to enhance your marketing strategy
  7. Your advertising thesis: how to develop and promote
  8. Tips for evaluating the results of your marketing campaign
  9. Ethical aspects of your marketing content
  10. Ways for your brand promotion
  11. Specifics of marketing at different levels
  12. Psychological approaches in marketing
  13. Aggressive marketing: restrict or permit
  14. How to tackle with any hidden influence of marketing specialists?
  15. Global corporations and their influence on our choices
  16. How to avoid errors in the course of your marketing campaign
  17. Using social media for marketing purposes
  18. The future of marketing
  19. Ways to promote your product without marketing
  20. Recent marketing trends
  21. How will marketing change in 5 years: a few considerations
  22. The best marketing strategy
  23. The worst marketing strategy
  24. Tips for becoming a marketing specialist
  25. Ten tips for applying your marketing knowledge


  1. Principles common for all religions
  2. What was the main message of Jesus?
  3. Why is a rabbit an Eater’s symbol?
  4. How many Christians are in the world now?
  5. Buddhism and its basics
  6. Helping yourself is the shortest way to receive the divine’s assistance
  7. Common and differences between various religions
  8. The Origin of Christianity
  9. The basic rules of Christianity
  10. Modern religions and their fundamentals
  11. Is it possible to separate a state from its main religion?
  12. Adverse effects of fanatic movement in religion
  13. Dalai Lama and his role
  14. Religion and beliefs: common and different
  15. The best spiritual experience is about…
  16. God is about…
  17. The strangest religious belief you think should be eliminated


The modern world presents a lot of interesting things to explore. Feel free to share with your readers such interesting information using one of these topics:

  1. Tips for making the best ice cream
  2. Cybersport in the modern world
  3. Will it be possible for our descendants to see the modern world in its current state?
  4. Digitalization of our nation
  5. Ways to promote modern astronomy
  6. Export of exotic animals
  7. Ways for not getting stuck in social networks
  8. Tips for growing your own food
  9. Ways for making a cheese
  10. If I were a sommelier…
  11. Limits vs. boundaries: the main difference between them
  12. Modern fashion tendencies
  13. Makeup evolution
  14. Tips for training your dog
  15. Vampires in literature
  16. Ways for making blogs easily
  17. Tips for taking good photos
  18. Indigenous people and their lives
  19. Ways for dealing with annoying people without offending them
  20. About the relation between your character and the musical instruments you like
  21. Being a genius is about…
  22. When we will colonize Mars…
  23. The best cruises
  24. Some unusual ideas for holidays


The below-mentioned list includes some disputed and spicy topics. If you want to present your readers with some interesting and challenging information, pick one topic from this list:

  1. Single vs. polygamous parenthood
  2. Same-sex marriage: pros and cons
  3. Dispute about abortions
  4. Is capital punishment appropriate for some cases?
  5. Issues of racism
  6. Is it possible to find any other answer for internal conflict apart from wars?
  7. Judging people according to their appearance
  8. About the censorship in advertising and its appropriateness in some cases
  9. Art as a possible way of life
  10. Theories about the birth of our galaxy
  11. Chocolate manufacturing: ways and technologies
  12. Prejudice: is it necessary or harmful?
  13. Tips for becoming a stand-up comic


Making a good informative speech depends on many factors. First of all, it is better to talk within your area of expertise or interest. This way, you can share only useful and reliable content with your audience.

To make your informative speech interesting, it should be juicy – contain captivating statements, astonishing statistics data, and other valuable information for your audience. When you have this content, you should structure it properly. Form your scheme and indicate there your introduction, the main body of your speech, and its conclusion.

Afterward, write and polish your first draft. To gain some feedback, share this speech with the competent reviewers and amend it if necessary.

When you have your speech ready, you should practice to articulate it. At this point, it is important to learn your content and pronounce it without any gaps or inaccuracies. If you have somebody to practice with – take this opportunity. If you have not, feel free to practice on your own.

If your experience is not extensive, you may simply pick one topic from any list of informative speech topics mentioned above.

Have good luck and a lot of interesting speeches.

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