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Three Stages for Writing a Great High School Presidential Speech

School, in some ways, allows students to train and practice basic social skills like teamwork or leadership. One of those opportunities is the school president campaign. …

May 25, 2020 Read more

Basic Tips on How to Write a Case Brief

In this article, we are going to provide overall info about the case brief. Please, note that you should study this topic further in detail as …

May 22, 2020 Read more

8 Recommendations for Writing a Great Essay

Writing skills are important in our life, whether it is a school or adult life. That is why students get essay assignments so often. But these …

May 19, 2020 Read more

What Is AMA Citation Format?

AMA stands for the American Medical Association. AMA citation style is widely used in the medical field and scientific associations. Researchers, who contribute to various scientific …

May 16, 2020 Read more

APA vs MLA: Rules, Features, Main Differences

Writing academic works requires following various compulsory formatting, structuring, and citation requirements. The main types of styles used now in America are MLA, APA, and Chicago. …

May 13, 2020 Read more

What You Need to Know About ACS Citation with Examples

ACS format means a referencing style that was invented by the American Chemical Society. It was designed for use in the texts about chemical fields. This …

May 10, 2020 Read more

Abortion Essay: Types, Examples, and Results

All discussions about abortion are very confused and debated among different people. In most cases, someone supports this topic as the right of a woman, and …

May 7, 2020 Read more

30 Thesis Statement Examples, which Inspire

In this article we are going to present some essential information on the common meaning and value of an effective thesis statement and discuss several crucial …

January 12, 2020 Read more
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