Types of Essays

July 14, 2023

Essay writing is one of the assignments of the college application, an element of ordinary tests, and general school assignment. For every student it is crucial to understand how to write different types of essays in a good way.  If you want to get a question right on tests, you should choose the proper type of essay to write in response to the writing prompt. In other words, students should know exactly how to write each types of essays. 

It is easy to get confused because there are many various forms of essay. Nevertheless, it is possible to manage writing all of them. In general, there are 4 major essay types that must be written by students in the best way.

Four major essay types:

  • Descriptive Essays – there is a detailed analysis of the chosen literary event, piece, etc.
  • Narrative Essays – such an essay actually is a short story.
  • Persuasive Essays – the main target of this paper is to persuade the reader.
  • Expository Essays – these types of essays consist of various statistics, facts, and examples.

9 Main Various Essay Types

There is nine main type of essays. Some of them are more complicated to write than others. However, with this guide, you will get to know what is the main purpose of each essay of the mentioned main types of essays. Let’s review them clearly and precisely:

Cause & Effect Essay

The main target of writing this essay type is to give the reader a sequence of events such as to cause and result. It is such a study where you have to give the reader the pieces of information about the cause and result of any event. All of the reasons for certain results should be logically connected. If you have to compose this paper, you should investigate various sources of information on a similar topic to bring the best logical chain of events. So you should do, writing different types of essays.

Narrative Essay

There is a room for freedom and fantasy when you have to write this essay. You are able to write about the most bizarre thing in the world. There are almost no limits in this essay type. The main target of this paper is to inform the audience about the most significant events from students’ life to make them inspired, engaged, and interested. The bonus of such an essay writing is that you will not need any external sources writing a narrative essay. However, you should remain creative if you want to get a high score.  

Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

The main purpose of this essay type is to persuade the reader to accept your position, convincing them. It is important to provide the reader with logically connected facts, examples, sound reasoning, and expert opinions. It is necessary to give the reader a perspective over both sides of the arguments and persuade them to take your recommendation or claim. Therefore, you will have to do deep research to study the issue from various perspectives and angles to reassure your reader. 

Descriptive Essays

The main aim of this essay is to describe a particular event, object, or phenomenon in the most detailed and accurate way. Besides, you should provide the reader with a certain analysis and evaluation of these things. Therefore, the writer should include as many adverbs and adjectives as possible. A good descriptive essay should also include a number of similes, metaphors, analogies, personifications, allegories, and other literary tools. They are useful because they help to visualize the information. Most of the literature and English composition teachers assign such tasks for their students so each student has to be aware of how to write them. 

Expository Essays

A good expository essay should provide the reader with a deep and accurate analysis. You should be able to explain a definite topic, utilizing certain statistics, facts, and examples. The expository essay includes the elements of various kinds of essays writing. It should be based on facts only. So no personal emotions or first-person narrative is to be present in this essay type. 

Definition Essay

The main target of the definition essay is to concentrate on a certain subject and provide the reader with a detailed definition of it. The main idea of such an essay is to explain some phenomena in a more descriptive way if compared to dictionaries. Note that writing a definition essay, you should not just copy from the dictionary because plagiarism will result in a bad mark. Otherwise, you should be able to provide a definition of the subject by yourself, focusing on several aspects of it. For example, your task might be to give a definition to such abstract things as “love” or “justice”. 

Process Essay

This type of essay is similar to the cause and effect essay. If a student learns how to write it, he or she would be able to become a good technical writer later on since they will know how to write step-by-step instructions. Therefore, some people even compare this type of essay to a manual. To write this essay, you should make the instructions of some process that you know very well as much detailed as possible. The main question to answer by such an essay is “how to…?” So you will have to mention the steps and elaborate them in detail. 

Critical Essay

This type of the essay concentrates on weak and strong points of some topics. You should provide the reader with certain characteristics of what you believe to be bad or good. Most of such essays dwell on whether the writer did something correctly or not. Did he or she deliver the message of the story in a clear way? Was their work persuasive? These are the questions you might have to answer, writing a critical essay. The most complicated thing about this essay is that you will have to be extremely aware of each aspect of the subject and know it very well to be able to criticize it. 

 Compare & Contrast Essay

The main target of this essay is to dwell upon the similarities and differences between two things, events, objects, etc. Each reader or member of the audience should be aware of what are the things that are different and what certain things have in common. Therefore, the writer should do deep research to know very well both the subjects to be able to inform the reader and give them a clear comparison.

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How to write any Type of Essays: Main tips for different essay type

  • Gather data.

If you want to get a good grade, you should do deep research to figure out the main trends and events in technology, fashion, politics, education or sports. The content and structure are both important in different types of writing.

  • Read various genres.

If you want to be successful when writing your essay forms, you should take into account the points of view of various writers to form your own style. If you do this, your paper will be written in an exclusive and genuine way. 

  • Pick up the essay topics which sound familiar to you. 

The perfect essay topic should resonate with your hobbies, talents, and skills. If you know the subject very well, it will be much easier to persuade the reader.

  • Include as much detail as you can.

Provide the reader with the most accurate and detailed information about a certain event, person, landscape, what and whoever. By doing this, you will convince the reader the most, composing types of essays writing. 

  • Imagine you are a teacher.

Put a teacher’s mask as if you are evaluating the essay and define what your essay needs to get the A mark. 

  • Utilize personal achievements to deliver the best essay.

If you want to surprise or inspire the reader, you should ground your paper on your own experience. Describing your own story of success, you will easily persuade and convince your audience.

  • Be as creative as possible.

There is no need to include too much of your personal opinion on the essay. Try to be creative and thought-provoking. Give your reader food for thought. 

  • Brainstorm the main claims.

Before writing your paper, jot down the main thoughts and ideas that come up to your mind and elaborate on them. 

Essay Types: In the End

All in all, there are different styles of writing, which each student should use from time to time. No matter which one do you need, Assignmentpay can help you, if you face any difficulty or trouble. Assignmentpay.com is such a service for students that will easily help you to write any academic paper. We employ only the best professionals who can assist you in composing the best paper ever. All you need to do is place your order and we will do the rest of work for you. Don’t wait or hesitate. Buy a solid paper now!

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