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How to write a thematic essay

September 27, 2019

The first important thing about writing a thematic essay or any kind of essay, actually, is the right understanding of the particular idea you are trying to deliver. The concept of the thematic essay is very much about it. Its most important goal is not just to inform the readers, but to contribute to their education, to make them think of something, come out with new ideas or even get inspired.

What is the thematic essay?

As we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the thematic essay or the thematic analysis essay (as they call it in the academic circles) is always about telling the reader about one particular issue. Unlike most of the other kinds of essays, here the author is free to use all the tools to convince us about the importance of what he writes about. Here you are about to see a lot of metaphors, references, comparison, hyperbole, personification, etc. In other words, the language and, pretty much, the structure, is open to interpretation in the thematic essay. 

What you are likely not to find in this kind of writing is state facts. The author is allowed to use the information without making sure whether it is true information or not. His main point is to make the readers understand the described theme. 

Most often, the thematic essays are dedicated to some social and political issues. One of the most famous Thematic essay examples is Emil Zola`s open letter to French society and the whole world about the Dreyfus trial called «I accuse..». In this essay, one of the most famous writers of all time talks about the issue of racism, which was very much in the air at the end of the 19th century. Particularly, Zola blames the French judicial system for discriminating and fabricating the case of Alfred Dreyfus in 1898. 

Usually, the volume of the thematic essay is somewhere around 1000 words. Psychology says that 1000 words are often enough to convince anyone in anything. 

How does the thematic essay look like?

As we have already mentioned, the size of the thematic essay has to be around 1000 words. This means it can be a rather useful idea to create a plan for your essay. If you are not sure how to write a thematic essay properly, find out the essay structure below.

Thematic essay outline

Thematic essay outline of the text, where you write a short thesis you want to give in the text, what should the text begin with, what goes in the body paragraph and how it ends. In this case, it would be a lot easier to watch the size of your writing.


As long as we have already started talking about the structure, let us mention once again about the 3 basic parts every text should contain. 

We start the text with the introduction. Please make sure that you have chosen an interesting, relevant theme you have interesting thoughts about. Any reader can always sense when the author`s interest in the topic is not really sincere and quickly loses the interest in reading the text, often long before he reached the main part. We surely don`t want that. 

One more trick to keep the readers glued to your essay. Try to make a hook, to make them intrigued, do not start with playing your trumps. However, the reader should not be misguided. Along with intriguing, you have to be clear with your thoughts. 


This is where you give all the juicy stuff. You have already given the readers a sneak peek, raised their interest in your story. Now let them meet their expectations and not to regret they have started reading this text in the first place. 


No offense meant to anyone with these words, yet it turns out to be true in many cases. The thing is that if even the smartest people can often have a hard time understanding some things. The ancient Romans have figured this out ages ago and enriched their legacy with the fantastic phrase: «Repetitio est mater studiorum…» 

With this said, let us remind that the conclusion is a short resume of the previous paragraphs. Try to once more deliver the general message of your essay. It would be a good idea not to use many metaphors and hyperboles not to make your conclusion a long one and to make it more understandable for the readers of the non-artistic nature, who may have struggled to get to understand what you meant. It happens sometimes. 

4 rules to write a thematic essay

To finish our article about the thematic essay writing we give you a summary of the tips we discussed here. 

  1. Watch the word limit. We have already talked about the 100 words, which is usually around the five paragraphs. 
  2. Always keep the main points in mind. We discussed the impotence of the slight intrigue at the beginning of the essay, yet it has to misguide neither the readers nor you. 
  3. Structure matters. Try to make the plan of the future essay and the general outline, where you shortly write all the theses you want to mention and the best order the should be delivered in for the text to be crystal clear and logical. Don`t forget about the features that the introduction, body paragraph, and the conclusion should be involved. 
  4. The conclusion is the summary of your arguments. It should not be too long. Two-three sentences will be alright.

Thematic essay example topics

If you are struggling with making up the topic of your thematic essay, here we are suggesting 15 themes to write about:

  1. The Advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  2. Modern political trends.
  3. Marriage contract. Is it really necessary?
  4. The forerunners of the American civil war.
  5. Should women work?
  6. Why did the democratical elections in Germany in 1938 let Hitler lead the country?
  7. The relevance of Maslow`s pyramid.
  8. Is the English language a threat to other languages?
  9. How does political influence our everyday life?
  10. Modern world. What changes happened in the last 200 years?
  11. Are we the only creators of our destiny?
  12. Bullying at school. Can it be avoided?
  13. Public transport or electrical vehicles. How to help the environment?
  14. The benefits of homeschooling.
  15. Military service for women.

Thematic essay examples

We hope that this article did help you with understanding the features of the thematic essay, how it works and what are the best strategies to write it. Now, when you have already gained some theoretical knowledge on the issue, it can be a good idea to check out some samples of the thematic essay to help you visualize how it has to look like.


We wish you the best of luck in writing your perfect thematic essay. You are very welcome to check out the other articles useful articles on But if you don`t have enough time to write the essay on your own, we can help you. Give us your instructions and our experts will write it from scratch.

how to write a thematic essay
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How To Write A Thematic Essay
thematic essay example
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Thematic Essay Example
thematic essay outline
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Thematic Essay Outline
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Globe Thematic Essays
example thematic essay
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Example Thematic Essay
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Bryan Hokenson
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Bryan Hokenson has graduated from Princeton University and holds a Ph.D. in math and computer sciences. He also has a certificate of completing IT courses and is proficient in all topics related to math, computer science, and IT technologies. Bryan has a special interest in engineering and is currently studying this field more thoroughly. His writing experience in the mentioned fields is 7 years.

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