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How to Write an Analytical Essay: Find Ideas

July 3, 2023

Writing the analytical paper is such an interesting experience, but it is rather complicated to complete it though. You might sit and struggle to write a paragraph with no success for hours. However, with this tutorial, you will get to know how to compose the analytical paper easily and correctly. With this guide writing an analytical essay will no longer seem a daunting procedure for you. 

Analytical Essay. What is it?

What do we call the analytical essay definition? When your teacher asks you to generate the analytical paper, meaning, you should manage to present a solid argument and analyze it properly and thoroughly. This essay type is a kind of illustration paper. You can write an analytical essay about a certain event, movie, or a scientific investigation. It is not necessary to compose a summary, composing the analytical essay, since you are just supposed to do a proper analysis. For instance, when you write the analytical essay about some book, you should analyze which ways the writer utilized, how the book influences the reader, and what was the most important method the writer used to generate it.

Let’s analyze the definition of the analytical essay first. An analytical essay is such a kind of academic essay where it’s obligatory to analyze some exclusive topic. In most cases, you are expected to compose the analytical paper, studying in a high school or college. The student is supposed to provide the reader with either pros or cons regarding some certain problem. The main target of an analytical essay is to explore the main points on a selected topic in the form of a reply to a number of questions to discuss or offer the analysis. If you want to succeed in writing an analytical essay and get a good mark, you should scrutinize how to write it in the best way.  

Analytical Essay Outline

“How to compose a good outline for an analytical paper?” – it is the main question for each student to answer before they begin to write the essay. Prior to writing an essay, you should generate a proper outline. Thanks to the outline, all the ideas will be arranged in the right order and they will be logically connected. Meaning, you won’t miss any single idea and there will be no need to keep everything in mind since all the ideas will be noted in the outline. Besides, writing an outline is very useful and comfy for each writer, either a beginner or a professional. Moreover, if the logical chain of ideas will be present in a paper, your reader or audience will perceive the content of your academic work better.  

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How to Write an Analytical Essay: 3 Main Steps

How to write a good analytical essay in three easy steps? Here we go! There are several components of the structure of analytical essays. Follow them accurately and mind all the details to impress both your teacher and group mates.

Step1: Prewriting

How to start an analytical essay? You will have to get prepared before you begin to compose the paper. It is necessary to make a definition of the main claim of the paper. Writing an analytical essay, you should provide your reader with arguments to back up your main idea about a certain problem. In most cases, the requirements to the analytical essay are to analyze some movie or book, or some problem or idea. We recommend dividing your topic into several parts, giving arguments for each certain part. So the initial thing you will have to do is to write analytical essay outline. 

  • As soon as you pick up a topic, brainstorm to generate some ideas.

You will have to generate a thesis statement since it is the most important part of each essay. Concentrate on phrases, metaphors, and ideas which are frequently repeated. It is obvious that they are important for you to completely understand the topic. As you do it, you should analyze the methods of the author – how the topic is developed by the author. What are the logical transitions in order to compose a certain conclusion and promote a certain effect? When you are composing a paper about a film, take into consideration imagery and visuals. When you work on some investigation, concentrate on results and methodology. The entire design of an experiment is to be estimated. Planning your work, write the main idea in the draft, arrange the ideas which are smaller in a logical order.

  • Compose your thesis statement. 

It may consist of several sentences, but no more than three. It is like a summary of all the arguments and claims. A good thesis statement should be simple and too obvious. With a thesis statement, you will need to present a certain idea from a definite angle or perspective.

  • A good thesis must be arguable. 

This is because due to the rules of writing an analytical essay, you should choose a side and back up your main claim with arguments.

  • Make sure your topic fits in your essay since it must be rather short. 

There is no need to select a wide topic because you will have no space to elaborate and develop the idea, which might be too long.

  • Utilize the rule of “three-prong”.

For that, you should determine three main points that will be discussed later on. Because of this approach, you will be rather limited and it will be more complicated to write your arguments. Make sure you formulate single main point, concerning a certain problem, which should be concise and clear.

  • Define the pieces of evidence, backing up your main idea. 

You might utilize either secondary or primary sources. Scrutinize your task and make it clear which of the sources you need the most. Your pieces of evidence should be related to your thesis statement directly and convincing.

Step2: Write your Essay

The next step you should do is to write the entire essay. Note that it consists of several certain parts which are obligatory in each essay. Follow the rules of composing them and get a good grade.


How to write analytical essay introduction? It is important to place the basic information into your introduction. Don’t make the introduction overzealous, but keep it being engaging. State your argument directly, without summarizing it. Don’t make dramatic introductions. They should not contain exclamations or questions. No need to utilize the first or second person in your introduction to write it correctly. Just state your thesis statement, make a hook and transition part.

Body Paragraphs

There are several parts of the body paragraphs which are obligatory to be present. First and foremost, there should be a topic sentence. It is actually the initial sentence of the body paragraph, which reflects the main claim of it. Secondly, you should provide your reader with an analysis of a certain part of the text. In this part, there should be evaluation and elaboration of the main idea. Thirdly, include the pieces of evidence to back up your main idea. Include as many details and examples as possible to prove your point of view. Make sure each claim you make is supporting your thesis statement. 


The conclusion is the final part of each essay. You should make an analysis of all the main claims of your paper here. Note that no new information or facts should be included in your conclusion. Give the reader food for thought and inspire them to do something in the concluding part. 

Step3: Finalizing

The last but not least thing to do when writing your essay is to edit it and proofread the text thoroughly. Sometimes you will have to make a few days break and then go back to your paper to reread and correct all the mistakes you might notice. Doing this, you will always have a fresh look upon the text and be able to notice the mistakes. Make sure you follow the analysis essay format too. 

Analytical Essay Example Analytical Topic

Here is a list of several analytical essay example topics for you to check out when writing an analytical essay:

  1. What is the role of fashion in the life of contemporary students and should they wear a uniform?
  2. Why football players are paid too much and are it necessary to give them such a salary?
  3. Is it possible for young people to survive without technology and what is the role of it in people’s lives?
  4. Should the government invest money in the observation space and if yes, why?
  5. What are the most significant themes that Larry Watson is covering in one of his novels called “Montana 1948”?
  6. What is the definition of mortality in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare?
  7. What is the best age to get a driving license and do teenagers need it?
  8. What are the themes of fantasy and reality in conflict on the example of “A Streetcar Named Desire” play?
  9. Should the government eliminate the age for voting in the USA?
  10. Should the government of the United Kingdom turn back capital punishment?
  11. Is the world possible to be without law and what it would be like?
  12. Analysis of fate and life in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”
  13. What is the role of women in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare?
  14. What are the fights of the humans under the political class which is oppressive as it is depicted in “Huckleberry Finn”, which is a Mark Twain’s fictional book?
  15. What is a way social norms are influenced by wealth in the book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin?
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Thematic Essay Examples

Many students use the samples and examples of analytical essays when writing a Thematic paper. This really assists them in writing. Here are several samples below to check out. 

Writing an Analytical Essay

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