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How to Write a Reaction Paper

July 2, 2023

A reaction paper is a typical assignment for college students. Its main difficulty is working with resources, citing and adding references. The essence of a reaction paper is to express their point of view regarding a specific text. This part usually resembles an essay, and it is unlikely to cause you problems. However, as you write, you must reinforce your position by quoting articles or even verses. That is where you can get stuck without any ideas on how to continue the document.

We have prepared step-by-step instructions on how to write a reaction paper without stress. With this article, you will be able to solve the main problems in writing a reaction paper. If you are swamped and cannot devote your time to another homework, order reaction paper on our website. Contact Assignmentpay anytime you need and we will start collaborating.

What is a Reaction Paper

Students often confuse reaction paper and summary. This confuses them because reaction paper requires not only the summation of what they read but also the expression of their point of view. You must analyze a part of the text, express your understanding of the problem and reinforce your position with appropriate quotes. A reaction paper is the right assignment to show your attainments of analysis and critical thinking.

The reaction paper concept is reminiscent of a mixture of a research paper and an expository essay. You must provide basic information about the text that you will analyze. This includes the author, publication date, and idea of ​​the article. Besides, you should tell readers what topic you will discuss and what is the main message of the text. Define your attitude to the text and its relevance among your audience. You will find tips for writing a good reaction paper below.

Reaction paper outline

The focus of reaction paper is always creativity. Therefore, your task is to analyze an essay, article or film. The latter option is the most frequent because when watching a movie, you can combine business with pleasure. We prepared a guide on how to write a reaction paper. Regardless of which resource you need to evaluate, here is a step-by-step action plan:

  1. Review the requirements. Your task may consist of the analysis of a specific issue, the submission of information by the author or the relevance of the data. Find out at the beginning to determine the approach you need.
  2. Read the text. You should read the publication by taking notes and writing down key factors. This will help you create a skeleton of paper and attract the attention of readers.
  3. Create a reaction paper outline. Write down ideas for the introduction and body paragraphs. Make a list of sources that can illustrate your position. Such a plan will help you keep keeping all thoughts in one place.
  4. Analyze the target audience. If only the teacher sees your assignment, check for the required items.

In addition to it, you can take a look at the reaction paper examples. It is an opportunity to find some inspiration.

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The proper reaction paper format

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements of the teacher. If you have not found instructions regarding the structure of the document, use the standard reaction papers format. Like most papers, the reaction one consists of the introduction, a few body paragraphs and summarizing conclusion. However, you also have to create a list of citations and references. Let’s take a look at each part.

The introduction

You should use the introduction to interest the reader and make him continue reading. In the first paragraph, you should talk about the topic of the paper, add a thesis and key ideas. Note that the thesis should state your central position, which you will explain further. Use brainstorming to fit your thoughts into multiple sentences.

The body

The bulk of the paper should consist of 3-4 paragraphs. Each of them should have an argument, proof, and reinforcement in the form of a quote. Start with the strongest idea that will be the center of the paper. Each proposal should continue the idea, develop it. I work with arguments, make sure that they do not contradict the thesis. Moreover, the arguments should be proof of the thesis, a way to describe it from different angles.

When moving between paragraphs, use catchy phrases. For example, add a rhetorical question at the end of the paragraph that matches the next argument. At the beginning of the paragraph, we recommend using statistics or scientifically proven facts. This works especially well if you write a reaction paper about a documentary or science fiction.

The conclusion and citations

Writing a conclusion is a great opportunity to remember and leave the reader impressed. The final paragraph should combine the key elements of the paper. Rephrase the thesis and put your arguments in several sentences. Some people begin familiarizing themselves with the paper with a conclusion, so it should be concise and clear.

Read the conclusion to your friends and ask them to describe the paper’s arguments. In conclusion, you would be better off recalling your point of view to summarize what was said. To put it another, the conclusion is an excerpt from a whole paper.

An important difference between reaction paper is that you must add a paragraph with citations and links. Therefore, write down the details of each resource that you use. The list of quotes will help both the reader and you. This is a great opportunity to explore the topic more deeply and find out different opinions.

How to Write a Reaction Paper Step by Step

It’s time to go through the key elements of an outstanding reaction paper.

SUMMARY/SYNOPSIS: What are you reacting to?

Explain how you feel about the topic, the author’s arguments, and his approach to the problem. Be sure to include the name of the paper and the subject of discussion. This will help the reader tune in to the desired wave.

ANALYSIS/EVALUATION: Write about strengths and weaknesses of the piece

Explain how you understand contentious issues. I answer questions, feel confident and do not hesitate. Tell how convincingly the author argues his position. Suggest your option for structuring information. Evaluate the quality of the text, make a list of shortcomings. Be direct and unbiased.


Add your attitude to both topic and article, make a list of emotions that have arisen. Think about what kind of associations that book or movie is causing you. Tell who you advise that resource in which areas you can use the materials discussed. Perhaps you want to continue researching that issue or gather an interested audience.

Reaction Paper Example and Samples

If you want to practice creating reaction papers, use examples of reaction paper from older students or online authors. This is a great opportunity to improve your understanding of work standards and broaden your horizons. When reading reaction documents, emphasize successful elements and failed structures. Pay attention to references, evaluate resources for reliability. Try to conduct a study and draw conclusions.

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