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30 Thesis Statement Examples, which Inspire

July 18, 2023

In this article we are going to present some essential information on the common meaning and value of an effective thesis statement and discuss several crucial points of this task.

At first, let us clarify the right definition of the thesis statement. You may have ever heard about the ‘thesis’ that students usually write as a final project before graduation, etc. Generally, it refers to a high academic level as well as it is a long, well-organized paper. Moreover, it often takes a long time to create such work, as a student should conduct thorough research.

But now we are going to talk about a good thesis statement that occurs in almost all types of essays. On the whole, a thesis statement mostly consists of one or two substantial sentences that summarize your topic and define your stance.

In this context, you may wonder about the position of the thesis statement in the text. Basically, a thesis statement is placed in the essay introduction (often at the end of the introduction). However, it is always recommended checking all the info, as your professor can have some particular requirements.

So, the common aim of a thesis statement is to provide an explanation and a summary of the principal claim that you are going to reveal and assert in the essay body.

Thesis statement examples

Here below there is a list of thesis statement examples that might help you understand the main idea of writing a thesis statement in your essay. Of course, please, note that you should not use these examples in your essays, as they are created only for a general overview and the following thesis statement examples are not completely researched.

  1. Veganism. While being an ethical and perspective way of food consumption, a vegan diet may provide several limitations for cultural food experience abroad.
  2. Studying Abroad. Studying abroad is considered to be one of the students` most useful experience, as it is a fine opportunity to make an immersion into the language environment and investigate other cultures.
  3. Work-Life Balance. The companies ought to offer the option to lighten the employees` schedule in order to provide an opportunity to keep a work-life balance. The potential alternative is to reduce the number of working hours and provide the possibility to work remotely some days a week that may vastly increase the productivity of the employees` work.
  4. Cyberbullying. There are more and more children, especially teenagers, using the Internet nowadays so that more and more cases of cyberbullying are identified. Cyberbullying can cause stress, anxiety, depression and a lot of other strong negative feelings, even suicidal thoughts. Parents ought to restrict the usage of smartphones and social networks, regulate and check the children`s online activity as well as inform the officials of the school about any cyberbullying attacks in order to cope with this problem and prevent it in future.
  5. School Uniforms. Despite the fact that school uniforms might be a particular expense item for the families, they may facilitate the atmosphere of egalitarianism at school.
  6. Educational Resources for Low-Income Students. Academic institutions ought to grant educational resources for low-income students in order to help them improve the learning process and reinforce motivation to study.
  7. Attend the University or not. Undoubtedly, a university degree provides indispensable and valuable experience and skills for life and future career. Nevertheless, some school-leavers are not strongly motivated to proceed with further education immediately. In this case, such students might opt for taking a so-called ‘gap year’ and think consciously about future goals and ways to achieve them.
  8. Diverse People Work Together. A diverse group of employees with different background or ethnicity may lead to the genesis of impressive ideas, development of the successful cooperation and establishment of empathetic relationship.
  9. Jobs that Can Disappear. According to the fact that blue-collar workers may lose their jobs due to the disappearance from the employment market, there should be several educational programs that may provide re-training in jobs in particular sectors. This strategy would not only elevate the local economy but would also help reduce the level of unemployment globally.
  10. Beauty Pageants. Beauty pageants are usually presented as the way for women to succeed. Notwithstanding, watching the women in the swimsuits on the stage concurrently with judging their quick answering several questions is supposed to be cruel and unfair. According to the fact that the beauty pageants are purely for the men`s amusement, we ought to cease televising these shows.
  11. Support Women to Become Politicians. There ought to be regularized efforts to teach women how to run for office and, thus, support the future female candidates on a professional career path along with men.
  12.  Development of Digital Literacy Skills. While there is a significant amount of information available on the Internet, it is a task of great importance to educate people, particularly students, how to comprehend the trustworthiness of data. Teaching digital literacy may help people define personal opinion, outreach, and legal information.
  13. Women`s Image of Beauty. A lot of various groups of models have been included in recent years. However, the promotion of the image of a healthy woman`s body should continue materializing intentionally.
  14. State Libraries are integral resources for the society so that they ought to be sponsored more considerably by local authorities.
  15. Populist Slogans. A vast range of objective causes, such as growing globalization, the reduction of jobs in the industrial sector as well as the Syrian refugee crisis has provoked the increased frequency of populist statements on the political scene.
  16. Homeschooling may be an effective method of getting an education, as it provides an evident opportunity to concentrate on the children`s individual strong sides and weak skills, adjust the comfortable learning schedule, apply the necessary approaches as well as focus on the subjects that are of great interest.
  17. Animal Protection. Every country should rethink the existence of animal circuses, as the animals that perform in the shows should not suffer in order to entertain people.
  18. Exams. As practice shows,taking an exam is not always the right way of knowledge evaluation due to the particular format and a stressful situation. There ought to be several alternative options to assess the students` learning performance.
  19. The Food at School Cafeterias. The food at school cafeterias is one of the causes of children`s obesity in the USA. Referring to this fact, the government should undertake legislative control of this issue.
  20. On-Campus and Online Studying. Despite the fact that online learning can help students be more flexible and independent, such type of studying usually requires a high degree of organization and good time management in order to do well in studies.
  21. Printed Books and E-books. While both printed books and e-books generally have got a similar purpose, the reader may perceive reading differently, as each of these types leads to distinct impressions.
  22. Creative Professions. The increasing tendency of learning of creative professions in the 21st century may be due to the possibility of robots to do routine work.
  23. The Impressionists. Although Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir maintained a good working relationship, these two artists applied diverse approaches and techniques in order to express their deep comprehension of the beauty of the world.
  24. The Philosophers. While Plato and Socrates had some otherness in the perception of the world, both Greek philosophers are considered to be the founders of Western philosophy and made a significant contribution to the subject of philosophy.
  25. The Understanding of Diets. According to several proven cases, most of the diets are considered to have a short-term effect. This means that after stopping the people usually begin to put on weight again and the organism feels the needless stress.
  26. The Advantages of Getting a University Diploma. Despite several examples of prosperous and outstanding people without an academic degree, everybody ought to study at college and go through this step of self- development. The years of studying provide knowledge, improve hard and soft skills as well as facilitate you getting acquainted with a lot of intelligent people that may help you in your future career.
  27. Violent Video Games ought to be Forbidden. All video games that advocate violence should be prohibited, as it has already been proved that they lead to violence at schools, a considerable amount of mental harm and cause the distorted image of actuality.
  28. Space Debris. Space debris is considered to be a severe threat to our planet and we should know more official data on this topic.
  29.  Full-Length Film and TV Series. The modern TV series are becoming much more qualitative and sometimes reach the prime grade of the full-length films, though there are major differences in these two forms.
  30. Maternity Leave. The period of paid maternity leave ought to be prolongated for up to 2 years. In this case, the women would be able to receive a salary from the government during this period of time when they are staying with the children at home.

Thesis Statement Examples for Different Types of Essays

As far as there are various types of essays, there are different types of thesis statements. This means that your thesis statement should exactly match the type and aim of your essay. Here below we are going to present two sample thesis statements- informative and persuasive thesis statements. Look at examples and try to compare them, please.

Informative thesis

For instance, while writing an informative essay, you ought to create an informative type of thesis (instead of argumentative one). Your purpose here is to announce the intention of this essay and direct the reader to the conclusion that you are going to reach.

Here is such a thesis statement sample.

Example: This essay refers to the issue of school uniform, as this subject has got two sides of the same coin and the arguments on both are distinct.

Well, this thesis statement shows the topic and the brief description of the essay direction.

Persuasive thesis

Mostly, if you need to write an argumentative, narrative, compare/contrast or other types of essays, you may compose a persuasive thesis. This thesis type usually comprises the opinion and the key reason(s) why it is right. So, your task is not purely to inform about something, but you ought to take a stance and try to argue your position.

Example: School uniform is a fine option to choose, as it facilitates the atmosphere of egalitarianism as well as help eradicate the visual difference in income among students.

This thesis statement tries to identify the reason for being true in this question.

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Thesis Statement Styles Samples

There are also two basic styles of thesis statement that you should know in detail.

The first style may be applied when writing quite a brief essay that is usually characteristic of middle/high school essay assignments. You ought to use a list of two or more points here.

The second style is mostly applicable for the longer college essays. In this case, you need a more versatile thesis statement, so that you should provide one overarching point that may logically connect all the paragraphs.

List of two or more point

There is a sample of the first style of thesis statements. Give a glance, please.

Example: The corporations may provide several strategies in order to relieve the employees` working schedule, particularly, by means of offering a 6-hour workday and giving the possibility to work from home.

List one overarching point

And now there is a sample of another style with one principal uniting point. You may look at it and compare the given examples.

Example: As one of the most essential current necessities for the employees, the top position takes the opportunity of the easement of workload.

What makes a solid thesis statement?

Please, note that the introduction of the essay and the thesis statement are not similar things. A thesis statement is usually a part of the introduction. Try to attract the readers` attention first and then introduce the topic. After this, you may provide a thesis statement. Of course, your thesis statement ought to be catchy and debatable enough.

In addition, the thesis statement should not be too long. Moreover, it is crucial to make an outline of the subject research so that you can determine the major direction of the paper. In this case, it is frequently much easier to start writing this part after writing the main paragraphs, as, thus, you may better focus on the central points and clarify the purpose of the writing.

Study the following common steps that may help you create an excellent thesis statement.

  • At first, try to find a challenging and suitable topic, if possible.
  • Carry out thorough research, make a helpful outline and try to write a strong thesis.
  • Be specific enough and stay focused on the details.
  • Be flexible and change some points if needed.
  • Check all the requirements by asking your professor and follow all the guidelines on the appropriate style, special format and types of the essay thesis. Edit, if necessary, and correct all types of mistakes.
  • Study all useful and credible material available on this topic, view several samples and start practicing with no procrastination. Please, remember that you can`t plagiarize.

Sample of weak thesis

Here you may find quite a weak thesis statement that should be edited.

Example: Studying abroad is a useful option to undertake, as it may benefit the educational process.

This thesis is not specific and arguable enough.

Sample of stronger thesis

Here is a more reader-oriented and thought-provoking thesis.

Example: Among the most valuable advantages of studying abroad, language immersion takes one of the most meaningful places.

We can write a strong thesis statement for you!

Finally, we hope that our brief overview may help you create a thesis statement. Anyway, we are always ready to assist you in writing a successful thesis statement. Good luck to you!

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