How do you Write an Argumentative Essay Topic?

Choosing a topic is the first and foremost step while writing an argumentative essay. It is actually much easier to write on a topic you have chosen compared to the one given by your professor or instructor. There are different ways that you may choose these argumentative essay topics. We at offer share some pointers. They include:

  • Choosing topics that are contradictory or controversial. With such a platform, it becomes much easier for you to argue and defend your specific claims.
  • Avoid choosing topics on morality. They inhibit the ability to have logical discussions as they are often subjective. In such cases, people often include their feelings in the arguments/debates, making it impossible to offer their opinions rationally.
  • Choose recent topics. You should be able to settle on recent issues that are relevant to society today. Choosing past problems will not necessarily apply while developing your argument for the essay.
  • Settle on topics or ideas that will allow you to incorporate both criticism and support of various arguments. To make it argumentative, you are supposed to offer reasons for rebuttal of other claims, while supporting your own. Just focusing on one single aspect does not show the element of “argument,” making it quite difficult to conduct a ‘forum’ in the paper.

What are some Good Argumentative Essay Topics?

Choosing the best topic for an argumentative essay is dependent on the situation and field of study. Below is a list of the best argumentative essay topics that we prepare.

The list covers good argumentative essay topics, which include:

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why do some vegans still wear leather?
  2. Are there some reasons for loving homelessness?
  3. Are there ways of becoming a troll on different social media platforms?
  4. Is there a reason for old and senile politicians to remain in office?
  5. Have human beings become more illiterate or literate because of technology?
  6. Why are dogs known as man’s best friend?
  7. School drop outs are the most successful people in the world
  8. Can you write quality essays without any practice?
  9. Would you rather have a corrupt or illiterate leader in office?
  10. Some of the best students are truants

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do the big athletes deserve the large checks they get?
  2. How do sports affect the academic performance of college athletes?
  3. Funds allocated to college sports: is it enough or more than enough?
  4. Is American football a risky sport to American football players?
  5. Betting has contradicted the aim of pure sportsmanship with the fraud cases arising
  6. Should animal sports be abolished?
  7. How efficient is the control of adverts aired during sports events that children and teenagers watch?
  8. Chess should be made a mandatory sport in schools since it strengthens the brain
  9. The number of salaries accorded to male and female athletes should be different
  10. Should cheerleading be converted to be a real sport?

Argumentative Speech Topics

  1. Technology is making people lazy, with no creativity
  2. Guns need to be made illegal
  3. Acceptance is importance regardless of race
  4. Adultery as a marital issue
  5. Spouse violent abuse
  6. The dangers existing in today’s world
  7. The role of friends in personal growth
  8. The importance of breastfeeding a child
  9. All farmers should adopt organic strategies
  10. Workers deserve a four week paid vacation

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The government's effort to forbid the use of animals for research
  2. Can a third world war ensue?
  3. To what extent is the financial crisis affecting global economy growth
  4. The societal view of same-sex marriage
  5. Is anyone above the law, even the president of a nation?
  6. Is communism a deep-rooted issue?
  7. Associating low wages with high levels of corruption
  8. Top colleges and universities and the need to raise their acceptance rates
  9. The language barrier and its effect on communication
  10. Cloning it the present world and its possibilities

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Importance of healthy living
  2. How effective is a balanced diet for our health?
  3. The dangers of anorexia
  4. Healthy sleeping habits for everyone
  5. The popularity of basketball as a sport
  6. Sports that keep one fit and healthy
  7. Should kids watch horror movies?
  8. How interesting is skiing as a sport
  9. Junk foods versus vegetarian diet
  10. The importance of socialization among peers
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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Alcohol production should be made illegal
  2. Child adoption by gay families
  3. A minimum wage that a worker should get
  4. U.S border control strategies: building the wall
  5. Native American independence issues
  6. The importance of military action against terror attacks
  7. Homeless people: who is to blame
  8. War tax: necessary or unnecessary?
  9. Legalization of prostitution
  10. Tolerance of pornography in today’s internet society

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  1. Preferable age for voting
  2. Illegal production and distribution of tobacco
  3. Can the death sentence amount to only 25 years imprisonment?
  4. Passive smokers have a higher affinity to die faster than real smoker.
  5. How television can be made as a medium for airing court proceedings
  6. Is alcohol a major contributor to the destruction of the human brain
  7. Is the consumption of energy drinks a health concern?
  8. Should a ban be installed for selling alcohol past 10 pm?
  9. What is the preferable age for someone to indulge in alcohol or smoking, or both?
  10. What rights do social minorities have, among other people?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  1. How legible is your vote
  2. The importance of diversity in the media
  3. The efforts that should be made towards gun control
  4. Legalization of marijuana
  5. A review of the effects of single-sex education
  6. How impactful is your current president?
  7. The threats aimed at our environment today
  8. The world of space exploration
  9. The effect of celebrity culture in our daily lives
  10. The social responsibility of corporations to their esteemed customers

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Should education be made free for every child to access education easily?
  2. Why is obesity becoming an issue among children? Has it also led to psychological problems?
  3. Is the grading system utilized globally fair to every child?
  4. What efforts are teenagers and children making to ensure they outdo globalization?
  5. Should there be a law which prohibits violent video games for children less than 18 years of age?
  6. When teenagers turn 16, should their parents give them the freedom over their lives and ultimately decision making?
  7. Are there some dangerous sports that children should not participate in?
  8. Is there existing negative aspects that come with following a nutritional diet
  9. How have mobile phones affected the lives of children and teenagers?
  10. Are children and teenagers getting enough sleep to assure their productivity?
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Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How has the modern social status and circumstance affected the health of individuals within the society?
  2. To what extent has drug and alcohol addiction become a burden of disease?
  3. Do the civil service members have the power to sue doctors for medical malpractice?
  4. Is it a good strategy to make healthcare free for all?
  5. Do prisoners have the right to access the same healthcare free people enjoy?
  6. Are ethical codes broken when medical experiments are done on animals?
  7. Can the medical expertise gain from experiments during the Nazi era in their concentration camps be utilized today?
  8. Should the healthcare system maintain a single system or both public and private healthcare system?
  9. As the aging population slowly increases, is it advisable to find ways to cope with the situation?
  10. Is it advisable to force quarantine on people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases?

Bonus: TOP 11 Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What location are the American aborigines found?
  2. What efforts can be made to protect the Amazonian flora and fauna?
  3. Conduct research on the animals that are under protection by the government
  4. To what extent should the government punish people committing environmental crimes?
  5. What solutions do electric cars offer toward global warming?
  6. What positive impact did President Roosevelt bring during his era?
  7. What justification can be given to the aggression king Kong shows to the researchers?
  8. Myth or reality: can the United States of America disappear from the world’s map?
  9. How have tornadoes affected the life of people who experience it?
  10. Tsunami and the consequences arising from its rage
  11. Do you believe that Wilson lost the war? Can you explain your answer?

Find out more ideas & topics

28 good argumentative essay topics
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28 good argumentative essay topics
Easy argumentative essay topics
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Easy argumentative essay topics
Easy argumentative essay topics
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Interesting argumentative essay topics
Topics for argumentative essay
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Topics for argumentative essay
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The above-listed topics are examples of argumentative topics. You should choose topics depending on your passion or the professor's instructions. These topics listed are not the only available ones for argumentative essays. You may be more creative and tweak them a little to suit your preference. Or you may find others have the same patterns as the ones listed in this article.

What’s Next?

After listing the suitable topics, make sure you pick one that fits your writing. You do not want to experience a writer’s block due to poor topic selection. Be sure to make the topic as clear as possible to avoid ambiguity. Follow the guide and start writing your argumentative essay. The final step is to proofread before submitting your piece of work.

Writers at know how to write an argumentative essay

They always remember the five types of argument claims, which include Fact, Definition, Value, Cause, and Effect as well as Policy. If you do not focus on these claims, your argument may end up hanging. It will neither convince the readers nor your professor.

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