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Abortion Essay: Types, Examples, and Results

July 18, 2023

All discussions about abortion are very confused and debated among different people. In most cases, someone supports this topic as the right of a woman, and someone denies this choice considering it as a crime. But there is no one who takes a neutral position.

The topic of abortion has its particularities. It has multiple sides, for example, ethical, cultural, moral, legal, medical, religious, and so on. Depending on the country, the government allows or doesn’t allow such a procedure. Besides, this question is very sensitive, especially for women who have kids or plan to give birth someday. That’s why everyone has an option and even experience about abortion legislation.

Besides laws and discussions between people, this topic has spread a lot. There are numerous forums, platforms, groups trying to find the right position. Thanks to the development of modern education, it aims to demonstrate new ways to lead a discussion. That’s why essays are also a new way to share possible opinions about abortion perspectives in the modern world.

So, this article is dedicated to the most appropriate forms of abortion essays, especially to the argumentative type. You will find here additional descriptions, explanations, and examples of how to prepare the text. Besides, basic information is supported with detailed guidelines about structure, content, tips, and so on. 

How to Write an Abortion Essay

Usually, people can’t keep a neutral position about it. That’s why abortion essay is a very hard task to do. But if you are requested to prepare this paper, you have no other choice then to do it. Your job will start by making basic things clear.

So, abortion essay is a paper about abortion. It may be dedicated to advantages, disadvantages, causes, effects, reasons, criteria, and other things connected with this topic. You can take a position for or against depending on your opinion. This topic is very wide, so it allows the author to choose appropriate for him or her ideas.

There are different types of abortion essay, for example, argumentative, persuasive, etc. Usually, students get the exact type to prepare, and sometimes they are allowed to pick any type. That’s why your task assignment is the first document you must read before writing this task.

Let’s try to make this guide easy to understand and useful to take your own position. So the definition of abortion means a synthetic option to end a pregnancy by removing the embryo from its natural place before it can live spontaneously. Abortion has a moral side that is actively discussed in society to determine should the government allow such a procedure or not.

Step #1. Understand Your Audience

Your essay may be prepared for a wide audience (if it is a speech), for a group of people (for example, your classmates), or even for one person (your educator). The type of audience and primary writing tactics will influence the text you should prepare.

For example, if your target person is your teacher, then your aim is to get a high mark for your essay. So the best you can do is to show you can work with different sources, make analysis, use your writing skills, and so on. The exact position is not essential.

But if you are going to prepare an admission essay to enter the college, your aim is to convince a committee you should be accepted. Depending on the values and principles of the exact educational establishments, you need to show your personal position and intention to improve life in society.

These two possible situations are bounded with one similar particularity: people from the other side of a paper must read your paper. Even if it is bad, they will continue reading to estimate your efforts. If your target audience has a choice to read your abortion essay or skip it, the first task of yours is to catch people’s attention and encourage reading your paper.

That’s why the author must analyze the audience’s expectations and make his purpose clear. When you know what you are expected to do, you can write the text in the right manner. Such an approach allows you are preparing a successful abortion essay and getting the result you want.

Step #2. Select the Relevant Topic

Whether you are going to write argumentative or other types of abortion essay, you require the right topic. This subject is very popular among authors who aspire to provoke discussion between people or share personal position about this issue.

First of all, choose the ‘pros’ or ‘cons’ side. Let’s be honest: there is no middle position in the abortion question. Everyone can and must choose one side from two sides. You can totally support such a procedure or absolutely deny it. If you still don’t know what side to select, then pick up the closer idea for you and focus on other angles of this problem. Among such angles are medical recommendations, religious principles, and so on. Here are great topics for people who don’t want to take the exact position about abortion:

  • Does abortion violate children’s rights?
  • Should abortion be partly legalized?
  • Can religion manage abortion?

In general, it is impossible to choose the wrong topic, but it is very hard to express your attitude in the right way. Usually, authors pick up a subject, present it to the audience, and can’t use the right words to express their own feelings. This is one of the most common mistakes for all writers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid all possible mistakes. All you can is to learn from the mistakes of others. So use this guide and ask for professional writing services if you really need special help.

Step #3. Choose a Hook for Introducing Your Topic

Your abortion essay will require a catchy hook. This sentence is meant to attract the reader’s attention. You can use a rhetorical question, quote, statistics, etc. Just keep watching it be tolerant and delicate.

Also, the type of hook depends on your audience. If the audience considers this topic too inappropriate for discussion, you should change people’s minds with an interesting fact. If the audience has a positive attitude to abortion, you may support this position with relevant statistics.

The essay’s purpose mostly depends on the type of paper. For example, an argumentative essay is called to share arguments; a persuasive essay wants to persuade readers or listeners in the exact position, etc. The general goal of your writing is to describe your topic from all possible sides and let the audience know details about this issue.

While the abortion topic is very emotionally sensitive, your hook must evolve the audience’s emotions. In such a situation, people keep reading text or listening to the speech, even if they don’t agree with the author. This emotion will also influence on the afterbite and further actions after finishing your abortion essay.

Here are several statements you can use as a hook in your abortion essay:

  • abortion is murder: yes, or not?
  • your body is your choice, so why other people restrict you from doing what you want?
  • abortion is the only way if you have low-income: true or false?

In any case, several hook sentences are required to be in your scratch. Plan 2-3 alternative introduction to pick up the best.

Step #4. Make a Comprehensive Body

It is not fair to say that the body of your essay is the most important section of the whole text. If you ask a professional writer for how to manage your powers and distribute force, he wouldn’t share a general tip with you. But here is the one thing you should know clearly: the main part of the abortion essay is the biggest part of your paper. That’s why you will definitely spend a lot of time on it.

So, start your body by preparing the list of arguments for your essay. You need at least 3-4 good evidence to prove your position. Then you should describe each statement step by step. Every argument will take one paragraph.

Experts say that you shouldn’t use arguments from the only side. It means that if you want to support abortion, you will use not only arguments for this procedure. You should add several opposite statements to show your respect to people with opposite points of view.

Also, don’t forget to add transition sentences between paragraphs. Such simple elements help to make a connection between your arguments. Remember that every academic paper requires you to keep a logical order of writing.

Step #5. Pick Up a Proper Ending of Abortion Paper

No matter the type of your abortion essay, it requires a conclusion. Usually, it takes 1 paragraph with several sentences. Remember, that your conclusion shouldn’t be a repeat of your body. Authors can make a connection between the introduction and main part, but they don’t need to place here the same information.

The length of your abortion essay will mean the way you need to write a conclusion. For example, if you have prepared a long paper, then you should make a summary of everything that was previously written. But if your text is short, your conclusion doesn’t need to be a summary. The better way is to add special sentences to provoke discussion.

No matter the type of conclusion, it must contain a powerful message. The best option is to let people think about something new, to help them look at the abortion from the other side, to provoke brainstorming that will bring new solutions, etc. Just keep watching to avoid triggering too sensitive reactions. For example, it is too much to persuade your faithful audience in abortion benefits.

That’s why the conclusion must impress people. If your audience did feel nothing after your essay, then it was meaningless.

Types of Abortion Essay

There are several types of abortion essay. In general, these papers differ from each other with approaches, tools, and goals.

Here are the most popular formats:

  • argumentative abortion essay shares detailed research about this topic. It means the author has previously collected and organized his arguments. That’s why his text is written in a logical order with relevant arguments;
  • persuasive abortion essay includes the exact position of this topic. The author takes the side ‘for’ or the side ‘against’ and explains his point of view with evidence. His goal is to convince the audience he is right;
  • research abortion paper is dedicated to the exact perspectives and presents the results of the investigation. Usually, such essay includes information from proper resources, for instance, books, encyclopedias, articles, and so on;
  • cause and effect abortion essay totally mean its name. Such paper demonstrates answers on different questions like why, what, how, and so on. For example, what are possible causes of abortion, why women do such procedures, etc.;
  • satirical abortion essay is not the same as a funny essay. Such paper uses satire to describe the situation with an attitude to abortion in our society. As a result, the author uses hyperbole, exaggeration, and other tools to reach out to the audience;
  • an expository abortion essay is a paper that uses specific ideas with supporting arguments. As a result, the author can create a new argument during writing that will totally match his position.

The General Structure of an Abortion Essay

The structure of an abortion essay is quite traditional. You should prepare the relevant introduction, body, and conclusion. Sometimes there are different recommended numbers of pages and paragraphs, but the general outline for the paper is the same.

Remember to read your task assignment before writing a text. This is the fullest requirements list. Here are several recommendations for your abortion essay structure:

  • an introduction is the beginning of your essay. You should place here the basic definitions, for instance, what abortion is. Your first section must also include the general background of the topic and the reasons why you decided to research this issue. The author must also make relevant thesis statements. This is the exact point of view on the topic. The quality of the thesis shows has the author good knowledge about the subject or not;
  • a body is the biggest part of your abortion essay. It must contain the fully described position of the author about abortion. Depending on his position, the main part will include arguments for or against this procedure;
  • a conclusion is the last paragraph where you can make a short summary. Don’t place here your arguments of new evidence for or against abortion. Just try to trigger an emotion, create a message to people, make them think about this problem, etc. You are also allowed to share your personal opinion about the topic of your essay.

Abortion Essay Outline Example

Your outline is your blueprint for an essay. It may look the way you want and contain statements you have created. Thanks to such a scratch, you will be able to write your abortion essay faster and better. For example, experts insist that an outline helps them to prepare a text in a logical order and don’t miss any important section.

That’s why it’s better to write an outline beforehand so you can count on it. Please, use this example of an abortion essay outline if you don’t have your own one.

1. The introduction that presents the background and basic description of abortion.

2. The main body with all possible arguments about your topic. It will be divided into several paragraphs. For example:

  • paragraph 1. Medical reasons to make abortion;
  • paragraph 2. Social reasons to do this procedure;
  • paragraph 3. Personal reasons to make an abortion.

3. The conclusion that aims to share an author’s personal opinion and provoke a discussion among readers or listeners.

If you still don’t want to write an outline, then think twice. You know that not every essay can be great, even in case the author truly wants it to be the best. It means that he or she misses something important. Experts say that outline is a very powerful part of any academic paper. Your teacher wouldn’t see this section, but you will get multiple advantages from it.

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Argumentative Abortion Essay

The most popular format for writing an abortion essay is argumentative paper. It aims to research the subject and make a conclusion. To reach this goal, the author works with primary and secondary sources to collect relevant arguments. So, after getting in-depth knowledge about the topic, you will be able to present it to your audience.

Besides, according to evidence, the author can stand with his personal position. Usually, this section is also allowed to be in abortion argumentative essay. The main requirement is the relevance of agreements and positions.

Argumentative essay doesn’t directly mean a try to persuade the audience in something. But the number of arguments wouldn’t leave your readers or listeners without a portion of food for reflection.

When you prepare an argumentative abortion essay, you can’t make just a collection of arguments. All evidence in your paper must be connected with each other and create one content.

At the same time, the author will be responsible for all facts he has mentioned in his paper. If you say the fetus doesn’t feel the pain during the procedure, you must make reference to a reliable scientist’s research. If you insist the unborn baby doesn’t feel the pain, you must also refer to a well-known researcher.

If you are not sure that you can prepare an argumentative abortion essay, then this how-to will help you. But you may also ask for additional assistance with your task.

Writing an Argumentative Abortion Essay Step-by-Step

Your argumentative abortion essay will start with several clear thesis statements. There is one important rule here: each of your sentences must be delicate and reasonable. Make sure that you plan your thesis sentences according to the true information from appropriate sources.

Then you should write a small but attractive introduction. Keep it simple but use catchy sentences to set the fire of interest at the beginning of your abortion argumentative essay. Usually, this section takes one paragraph.

The main part of your argumentative abortion essay is the biggest part of the text. You should use your thesis statements here and support each one with additional arguments. Every position must be supported with unique evidence. If you have done a great job with a literature overview beforehand, you will be ahead of the game.

In conclusion, you should refer to your thesis statements and give a final word regarding your arguments in the body. Usually, this part has the biggest influence on readers. Don’t forget that this section is not a proper place for any new evidence. Just make a simple summary.

Also, don’t forget to make nice transitions between sections. Such sentences will lead your text, make it logical and easy-to-read.

Abortion Essay Examples and Ideas

The best approach for writing an abortion essay is a combination of skills. On the one hand, you will use the experience of other writers from good paper examples. On the other hand, you can share your knowledge and position about abortion. In addition, this comprehensive guide with excellent topics will also improve the quality and power of your essay about abortion. And don’t forget about online essay writing services that can prepare this task for you.

Topic Examples for Your Essay About Abortion

  1. The main criteria for women to make a decision about abortion
  2. Why young women do an abortion?
  3. Will abortion legislation decrease the number of illegal surgeries?
  4. The attitude to abortion in 3 different countries (take your pick)
  5. The Catholic Church position about abortion
  6. What are the main dangers of abortion for young girls?
  7. Does the unborn fetus feel pain during the procedure of abortion?
  8. What are the upper and lower ages for abortion?
  9. 5 reasons to think about abortion as murder
  10. Why do married women decide to make abortion?
  11. Should men have a right to take part in making decisions about abortion?
  12. What does the selective abortion idea mean?
  13. What are the main psychological consequences of this procedure?
  14. How to prevent a woman from making abortion?
  15. Is it ethical to do an abortion in the second trimester?
  16. What are the main reasons to make abortion being in the third trimester?
  17. Is it ethical to force a woman to save pregnancy against her desire?
  18. Abortion dilemma: pros and cons
  19. Should teen girls have a right to make abortion without parents’ permission?
  20. The statistics of abortion in the USA
  21. Abortion as a part of human rights
  22. What is late abortion, and why is it so dangerous?
  23. Should this procedure be covered by insurance?
  24. What is the national position of abortion in three various countries?
  25. Does abortion mean death and murder?

Abortion Essay Examples

It is always a great practice to read several great abortion essays before writing your own one. If you are inexperienced in writing or in such sensitive topics, you really require help. Try to ask experts for assistance or use great abortion essay samples, at least.

Here are the main advantages of this step in writing an abortion essay:

  • you will choose the more convincing style of writing. It is great to note nice word combinations and literature tools;
  • you will find out better topics. Popular subjects have already been discussed from the beginning to the end. So, you can use brainstorming to find new ideas;
  • your vocabulary will be more relevant. The author can admit which words and word combinations are well accepted by the audience;
  • you will know your audience better. Such knowledge will help you prepare a successful text.

You can find abortion essay examples on the Web and rely on this information. Just make sure that you use samples from reliable authors and websites. Check its quality or use recommended links.

The List of Arguments Against Abortion

If you decide to explain the position against this procedure, you need a special argument. The following statements will match your abortion essay, no matter the topic.

  1. Doing an abortion, you commit a crime because your child is an innocent creature of nature.
  2. The new life starts in the womb. That’s why even while the baby is still unborn, he or she is already considered to be an individual.
  3. There are several ideas that tell a fetus is feeling pain during the procedure. It makes abortion to be cruel.
  4. Abortion is non-natural interference in the natural process and God’s guidelines. Making such a procedure means sin.
  5. Such a procedure will cause numerous problems with health. Usually, women face bleeding, reproductive organ damage, and death.
  6. Such a procedure will cause mental problems. In most cases, women suffer from post-traumatic disorder, depression, sometimes they commit suicide.
  7. Abortion may cause not only immediate problems with health. Very often, women face additional complications during their whole life.
  8. Making an abortion, you destroy the life of an unborn person. As a result, you don’t allow him or her to live your own life and make your own contribution to this world.
  9. Abortion means disrespect to an individual’s life. Besides, it also breaks the Hippocratic Oath.
  10. Abortion is illegal in most countries. It is unfair to people from other countries to let women in several countries do this procedure.

The List of Arguments for Abortion

These supporting arguments will match all topics about abortion. Just pick up one or several and elaborate upon a there.

  1. Every individual has equal rights, including a right to make any decisions towards their own body. Women have the same fundamental rights and can do anything with their bodies.
  2. In modern society, women are independent in social, medical, cultural, and other destinations. That’s why they are free to choose whether they want to have a child or not.
  3. There are numerous researches that insist that personhood starts when the child can live outside the mother’s body. That’s why we can’t call the number of cells an individual.
  4. Most experts consider that fetus doesn’t feel pain during an abortion in the womb.
  5. An abortion done in legal and qualified conditions is not so dangerous for women. The same illegal procedure extremely increases its negative consequences.
  6. Thanks to innovative methods of abortion, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, it doesn’t harm a woman’s health.
  7. Thanks to reasonable abortion, it is possible to keep population control.
  8. Welcoming an unwanted child in this world much worse than abortion.
  9. Sometimes a woman who wants but can’t make an abortion risk to become unemployed, miserable, and violated by a domestic abuser.
  10. Modern medicine can determine genetic deviations in the early pregnancy stage. As a result, this procedure helps to avoid giving birth to a baby with disabilities.

Useful Tips for Abortion Essay Writers

The best things you can use for your abortion essay are your skills, knowledge, and hard work. Thanks to the combination of these elements, you will be able to prepare high-quality, comprehensive, and exciting papers for such a controversial topic. But there is one help you can get immediately and for free. Just use professional tips in writing.

Experienced writers know that every task is unique. But they also have a list of tips which help. If you want to make your paper better and get positive feedback for your job, then these recommendations will be quite useful. Notice that these tips are general but efficient. Even one point from this list will make your abortion essay better. So don’t hesitate with these recommendations!

Make a Comprehensive Research

There is a lot of information about abortion. Scientists, religious figures, policymakers, and other people produce their own arguments for and against this procedure. The author must discover all facts, investigate numerous sources, find relevant evidence. This is the only way to prepare a fair and honest paper.

But in such a massive of information, you must stay attentive. Don’t let yourself relax and use fake facts. Such a small mistake can ruin your abortion essay.

Control Yourself During Writing

This topic is sensitive and complicated. In most cases, abortion triggers such emotions that inhibit the writer from writing and reader to read. That’s why you must use the right words in your essay.

Make sure you don’t use offensive words or literature tools. Also, avoid double meaning phrases. If you are not sure what is offensive comments, then make a list of unwanted words and ideas beforehand.

Write the Essay Step by Step

Your argumentative abortion essay has the exact structure and requirements. As an author, you must follow all rules and avoid mistakes. Use this detailed how-to for topic selection, essay outline writing, making your text, and so on.

You shouldn’t make your paper in a rush. Lack of time always plays bad luck with a writer. If you can’t make the urgent text, then it’s better to ask the professional writing platform for relevant services.

Use Strong Arguments

Abortion will always have two sides. There are people who find more advantages in this procedure, and people who refuse to accept this option at all. But emotions are not facts. If you want to prepare a qualitative abortion essay, you must use facts in your text.

Numerous resources will help you to collect good arguments for both sides. Then you must analyze these statements and select the most relevant ideas. Thanks to strong arguments, even the person with an opposite opinion will understand your position.

What to Do if You Still Don’t Know How to Write Abortion Essay

There are plenty of printed and online resources dedicated to the abortion problem in society. Authors discuss this topic from philosophical, medical, religious, and other sides. It seems like the author has the game in his hands. But in real life, nothing could be further from the truth. Authors read numerous articles, essays, and books about abortion, so they are not sure what to add. Sometimes they do not think they have any important information to share in such a variety of opinions and facts.

The simplest approach to write an abortion essay is to take a positive or negative side. After you make this choice, you can write about the advantages or disadvantages of abortion.

Here are Ideas for Positive Position:

  • Legal position. If the government allows abortion, then women would not be persuaded to look for illegal options to end their unwanted pregnancy. Using services of unprofessional and illegal doctors can cause numerous issues with health and even death. In addition, there could be an exceptional situation when a woman got pregnant from an abuser.
  • Social position. Let’s imagine that woman is very young or even study at school. Giving birth will change her life the way she couldn’t deal with. Besides, this position is highly possible for a poor woman who definitely has no idea how to raise a child.

Here are Ideas for Negative Position:

  • Risks from abortion. There are lots of immediate and long-term consequences that may happen to a woman. Among the most popular physical effects are surgical complications, bleeding, reproductive organs, damage, infection, etc. Among possible mental issues are PTSD, depression, suicide, etc.
  • Philosophy. There is no exact moral position does the child in the womb is an individual or is a pack of cells. There is still a belief that people can’t change the way nature lives. That’s why it is very risky to interrupt the normal circle of life. Using a philosophical point of view, you can support your position with reliable philosophers’ thoughts. For instance, use the ideas of Carl Sagan.

These statements for and against abortion will be very useful for authors in a creativity crisis. If you are not sure how to present your own thoughts about this problem to the audience, use the following arguments examples. Just take for or against the side and pick up several statements for your essay.

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How to Make Successful Abortion Essay?

First of all, you should take the exact side. You can write about the position for or about the position against abortion. Make things clear for yourself and start to prepare your paper. Do your best and use the listed above tips. This is one way to make an impressive abortion essay without assistance.

Also, you can get professional help in writing. Just ask trustworthy experts to do your paper and rely on them. Such an approach guarantees a high-quality paper that will be done in a short time! As a result, you will have no doubt about your abortion essay of any type and subject.

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