121+ Good persuasive essay topics to choose from

Most people may want to know what a persuasive essay is. Before we describe several categories of persuasive essays, it is good to know that it is a type of academic writing, which extensively gives details of a particular problem and aims at convincing the reader of the writer’s opinion.

Need help with choosing Persuasive Essay Topics?

The process of choosing persuasive essay topics to write about is the first step towards writing any essay, including a persuasive essay. Professional writers at domain.com have a list of topics for persuasive essays.

What are Good Persuasive Essay Topics to Write About?

Topics that are chosen while writing a persuasive essay are based on the situation at hand and the study field that the essay ventures into. By capturing given ideas, it is easier to come up with captivating topics that are well structures and professional. Below is the list of best Persuasive Essay topics that we have crafted for you

College Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. College networks and their blocking of inappropriate materials
  2. The issue of identity theft among the elderly
  3. The law should enforce recycling
  4. A border fence will manage immigration issues
  5. Cyber-attacks are great weapons to have as a country
  6. Equal representation of women is sports
  7. Social media should be banned while in school property
  8. Domestic terrorism is a normal issue in America
  9. Be careful with what you post on social media
  10. Textbooks are inappropriate; tablets should replace them

Persuasive Argument Topics

  1. Smoking should be banned forever
  2. Creativity should be taught in school
  3. Child behavior and association with the change in generations
  4. The issues surrounding the modern community
  5. Immorality within modern society
  6. Access to condoms is not a surety for not getting early pregnant
  7. The government should intervene on diet issues within the community
  8. Restrictions aimed at members of Congress
  9. Should the CEO get those high wages?
  10. Marketing should be limited when it comes to kids

Persuasive Topics for Speeches

  1. How the internet has changed our lives
  2. Breastfeeding in public places should be allowed
  3. Parents should inspect their children’s belongings for drugs
  4. Illegal actions by children should be lawfully paid for by their parents
  5. Single-sex classes should be introduced to schools
  6. Parental consent should be given for people under 21 years before they drink
  7. Soda should be banned for sale to children while in restaurants
  8. The sale of French fries should be prohibited in school cafeterias
  9. Schools should not associate with advertisements for financial benefits
  10. Responsibility of a parent in providing healthcare

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Faking being the non-sporty girlfriend
  2. Why Mickey Mouse frightens kids
  3. Why the lead character in movies never die
  4. You can change your life with just a single play with Barbie
  5. Braces are the best weapon for scaring strangers
  6. How to look busy while you have nothing to do
  7. What if cats were our rulers?
  8. Why I hate parody movies
  9. Tanning booths in beaches? Is it necessary?
  10. Your PlayStation gaming skills can land you a career job

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Persuasive Presentation Topics

  1. Technology and its influence on lack of employment
  2. Is net neutrality good or bad?
  3. Should boxing be made illegal?
  4. The need to pay college athletes
  5. Is human cloning an endorsement we should accept?
  6. Is public prayer good or bad around schools?
  7. Should assist suicide to be legal?
  8. Should the President be allowed to serve more than two terms?
  9. Should assault weapons be illegal?
  10. Should students who bully others be expelled?

5 paragraph persuasive essay topics

  1. A security camera invades personal space
  2. School vaccinations should be made mandatory
  3. Should teenagers be sentenced as adults?
  4. What are the risks of numerous extreme sports? Should the involved athletes quit the sport?
  5. Use of drugs to condition circus animals should be made illegal
  6. College education n should be made free for all students
  7. What advantages exist in revising and altering the welfare system
  8. Corporal punishment is not efficient for young teenagers
  9. Some existing laws endorse gender discrimination
  10. The penalties for racial discrimination in the United States

Controversial persuasive essay topics

  1. Polygamy should not be legalized
  2. A judge has power in making a tough decision
  3. Gay couples should not be allowed to adopt a child
  4. Advantages & disadvantages of atomic bombs
  5. Torment is obliging, in effect cross-examination apparatus for the most severe crimes
  6. It is appropriate to discard the prearranged religion
  7. The importance of using stem cells
  8. Is it okay to purchase music from RIAA labels?
  9. Legalizing marijuana is beneficial to everyone
  10. The qualities of genetically modified organisms

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  1. The winning aspect of kindness
  2. Listening to music helps in doing your homework more efficiently
  3. Honesty as an important trait in life
  4. Young people and their decision in joining the army
  5. Surviving a major disaster help one value life more
  6. Embarrassing moments that ought to be forgotten
  7. The dress code for a successful person
  8. The importance of time management
  9. Association of hobbies to building careers
  10. The value of life; keep on pushing your limits

Persuasive Letter Topics

  1. The problem of littering in school campuses
  2. The advantages of 75 hours of community service to students
  3. The importance of creating a new highway exit
  4. Grade scale change for better grades
  5. Bilingual education
  6. Computers and the importance of learning how to use one
  7. Improving your grades in school
  8. Censorship and the need to implement it on TV programs
  9. Inspection and the importance of maintaining the integrity
  10. Field trip and practical learning

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Online bullying is real
  2. The rudeness in young people today
  3. Censorship of the internet is effective
  4. The impact of violence in gaming and movies
  5. The origin for trendy stuff
  6. Responsibility for taking care of homeless dogs
  7. The importance of inline privacy
  8. Facts about fast food meals
  9. The effect of global warming
  10. Space exploration is a waste of funding

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Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Replacement of traditional books by an e-book
  2. The 3-day weekend in Toronto
  3. The internet: the need for the government to stop limiting internet use
  4. Should the death penalty be considered legal?
  5. The problem of birth control pills
  6. The need for WI-FI in public places
  7. Campus problems and ways to solve them
  8. Need for HIV/AIDS tests for healthcare representatives
  9. Community service within the United States
  10. The advantages of a home cooked meal

Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

  1. The best TV show ever aired
  2. Having too many friends is hectic
  3. Families and spending time together
  4. Immorality in eating animals and birds
  5. Parents and guiding their children in life
  6. The pros of being a young sibling
  7. Dating and meeting the person you love
  8. What defines true friendship?
  9. Reasons to learn more than one language
  10. The most respected historical figure

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. The pros and cons of all year round schooling
  2. Making sports compulsory in schools
  3. Giving a large allowance to kids
  4. Giving chores to children
  5. The pros and cons of summer classes
  6. Destination countries for a vacation
  7. More reasons to commit to summer schools
  8. Change of school meals for healthy living
  9. Limiting a child’s time for watching TV
  10. The role of school newspaper and radio in a student’s life

Bonus: TOP 11 Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The USA needs to create homes on the moon and run their own government
  2. Men should have their own implant contraceptive
  3. Cats are the best pets to have around
  4. Religion freedom is not available worldwide
  5. Parental advice to children against drugs
  6. Learning survival tactics is essential in a time of disasters
  7. Abolishing grades and adopting continued learning
  8. Paying children for their home chores
  9. Dealing with illegal immigrants
  10. Humans and their contribution to climate change
  11. Penalties for pollution

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Order Persuasive essay topics ideas


Persuasive essay topics ideas

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Order Persuasive essay topics for college


Persuasive essay topics for college

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Good persuasive essay topics

This is only a sample. To get an original paper click here

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TOP persuasive essay topics 2019

If your professor requires additional research, you should embark on finding out more ideas for the persuasive essay. Your line of passion may also cause you to change your ideas. Regardless, the above-mentioned topics are effective in persuading the audience.

Next Steps

Before writing your persuasive essay, you should reiterate the following steps:

  • It all starts by choosing a title.
  • Evaluation of the target audience to gain knowledge
  • Research the topic to gain factual evidence.
  • Develop a structure for your paper

Choosing a topic is only the beginning; therefore, find more information in our other article.

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