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How to Write a Descriptive Essay

July 12, 2023

If you were asked to write a descriptive essay by your teacher, it might not be easy just to sit down and place your ideas on a sheet of paper. We offer to consider the following tips in order to generate a brilliant essay. 

What is a Descriptive essay?

What is the descriptive essay definition? A descriptive essay is such an essay type where you are supposed to describe something. The student has to generate an essay based on personal experience. 

Types of Descriptive Essay

There are several types of descriptive essay. Let’s review the most popular of them:

  • Place essay

Before writing this essay, you should choose the main focus of the paper. It is recommended to concentrate on those places which are breathtaking. Your reader would have to feel being in these places. 

  • Event essay

Composing this essay type, you are able to write about Euro trip, graduation day, summer music festival, loud rock concert, or the last vacation. Make sure you inspire the reader to feel the emotions you experienced there. 

  • Animal essay

Select the topic about a certain animal you like or have, or the animals that you associate yourself with. It will be such an interesting task to do!

  • Behavior essay

Generating this essay, you are free to describe the outrageous behavior of some people. Besides, you may write about the drawbacks of the character of your best friend.

  • Human essay

This essay type is one of the most complicated. Here you will need to write about a person’s mood, qualities, behavior, actions, and appearance. 

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Descriptive Essay Outline: 5 Steps to Writing Good Descriptive Essay

There are several steps to follow if you want to get a good mark. Let’s review them thoroughly to get to know the way how to write a descriptive essay and produce an awesome one. 


Check out your sources of information to select the best data to describe your object. If you have some experience in the topic described it is a big plus for you. Concentrate on your own feelings such as smell, taste or sight, when creating a plan of a piece of writing. 

Drafting a Descriptive Essay

Grab all the ideas you have about the paper. Try to describe the image of the main object with the words only. If you are capable to generate a mental image, it is good for you since it is a trait of a skilled narrator. 


As you described some object, it will be perfect to check the paper’s structure. For example, you may try to answer such questions as to whether the paragraphs are arranged in a proper way, whether there are transition words. Also, you will have to organize all the sources in the correct order and make sure you followed the teacher’s instructions. 


Check your paper for any mistakes. There mustn’t be any grammar, typographical, semantical, spelling or punctuation mistakes. Sometimes it will be perfect to take a few days to break and then go back to your paper to check the paper for mistakes. In this case, you will have a fresh perspective upon a certain subject and may even add some data to your essay.


As soon as you checked the paper for any mistakes, you would better read it out loud. If it sounds good and readable, you may publish the essay where you want. Besides, before you do it, you would rather check the paper for plagiarism with online tools. Remember that your paper should be genuine and original.  

How to Write Descriptive Essay

To compose a quality descriptive essay, you should follow the rules of formatting. It is perfect to create an outline of the descriptive essay to organize all the ideas in the logical order so that the flow of the thoughts is natural. Thanks to the descriptive essay outline, your essay’s structure will be like a guide for the reader throughout the entire essay. There are three main parts of a good descriptive essay such as introduction, main body, and conclusion. Let’s review them thoroughly.

How to Write an Introduction to a Descriptive Essay

The introduction should create a positive impression on your work. With it, you should engage the reader in the content and draw their attention to the topic. Therefore, the introduction must be attractive with a hook. In the last paragraph of the introduction, the thesis statement is supposed to be. It should be no longer than three sentences. The thesis statement is the main idea of your paper, which will guide the reader throughout the essay. 

How to Write a Conclusion for a Descriptive Essay

The conclusion is the final part of the essay, where you have the last chance to impress your reader. Here you will have to summarize the main ideas of the paper and add some evaluation. Note that you mustn’t include any fresh pieces of information and facts there. Give your reader some inspiration and food for thought in the concluding part of your descriptive essay. 

How to Choose Good Descriptive Essay Topics?

You should really be creative when writing a descriptive essay because the ability of what you see to be expressed in a written form is checked. Make sure you aware of how to do it before you begin to write the essay. Check out these pieces of advice, helping you to compose a descriptive essay:

  • Brainstorm before you begin to write the essay. Think of the ideas to elaborate on, developing your topic. Put down all the thoughts and ideas that come up to your mind on a sheet of paper. For instance, you may create a list of bullet points.
  • Utilize your senses. You would better do it because referring to your senses may be the only way to engage the reader on the topic. To bring the reader to the picture you are describing, you should describe it, using five senses that you have. Provide the reader with the testimony regarding the scene, what you think was happenings, and how you felt about some situation. You may also ask a rhetorical question to highlight the importance and significance of your topic.
  • Select the best and most accurate words when describing. Avoid misleading by using proper words to describe your object. Use vocabulary to explain various feelings or else you will lose the imagery of your essay. 
  • Satisfactory descriptions. Make sure your readers will not ask any questions about your topic. So add as much detail into your description as possible.
  • Proper arrangement of work. Avoid mixing up your emotions. Plan the essay in an appropriate way. Attach proper emotions to your description, not making the reader confused.

60 Descriptive Essay Example Topics

Check out our list of 60 most outstanding descriptive essay topics for either student from high school or college. Note that these are only descriptive essay examples. So you may add your own details to these topics to produce your own perspective. 

We recommend you to concentrate on a single object, event, place, person not to lose the main point when composing a descriptive essay. Take into consideration the following 60 descriptive essay ideas. Note that your main purpose is to show, but not to tell. Provide the reader with the main idea via drawing a picture. 

Object Descriptive Essay Topics

1. Describe the object you wanted so bad, but you had no money to buy it.

2. Describe what you think are your family inheritance.

3. Describe the best or the most expensive painting you have ever seen.

4. Describe the latest technological innovation and its role.

5. Describe time and distance from the physical aspect.

6. Describe the historical significance of the Taj Mahal. 

7. Describe the planets and solar system.

8. Define what good sleep is and what the comfy bed is.

9. Make the description of the icons in your home.

10. What is the role of the Bible in your life?

Middle School Topics

1. What would your perfect weekend look like?

2. Make a description of the best winter in your life.

3. What is your favorite book and why?

4. Describe your bedroom.

5. Describe the ideal place to live in your future.

6. Describe your personal traits of character.

7. Describe the qualities of your best friend.

8. Make your neighbors’ description.

9. What was your favorite toy being a child?

10. What is your attitude towards fashion?

Descriptive Paper Topics Proper for 8 Grade

1. How would your perfect world look like?

2. What is your dream?

3. Describe your perfect journey.

4. What you should do at home to help your parents?

5. When did you have sympathy for someone for the first time and why?

6. Describe the first dish you cooked.

7. How does your room look like?

8. Who is the most famous person in the world and why?

9. Describe the most important beautiful girl/handsome boy you might have ever met.

10. What profession will you select for your life, and why?


1. Describe your favorite food.

2. Describe the ideal thing you were able to do.

3. What kind of sport do you prefer?

4. Describe your favorite celebrity.

5. Make a description of some unique experiences.

6. Describe some processes.

7. Describe the process of riding a bike with instructions.

8. Describe your best holiday in your family.

9. Describe your working day.

10. Make a description of your perfect match.

Place Descriptive Essay Topics

1. Where will you spend the next summer?

2. Describe your favorite winter place.

3. Describe the rooms of your college hostel you are living in.

4. What are the countries you are preferable to visit?

5. Describe your favorite place in your city.

6. Describe your hometown.

7. Describe the perfect place for a wedding ceremony.

8. Describe a perfect place where the stars are the brightest.

9. Describe the biggest wood you have ever been to.

10. Describe your feelings, visiting your childhood places.


1. Describe your father.

2. Make a description of the movie’s character.

3. Describe your favorite teacher.

4. Describe your favorite actor.

5. Describe your favorite TV show.

6. Describe the features of your girl/boyfriend.

7. Define a potential foe.

8. Describe your favorite business manager.

9. Describe the one you hate.

10. Describe the perfect fashion model.

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Descriptive Essay Examples

Many students utilize samples when writing descriptive writing. Have a look at examples of descriptive essays in the article below.

Conclusion is a service for those who feel unsure of how to write an essay. If you doubt whether you can handle this type of work, we can help you to produce the best essay ever. Order essay online now and enjoy the multiple benefits of it!

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